App of The Week: Fiete Farm By Ahoiii Entertainment

realmomster app fiete farm

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Fiete is a beautiful destination for both the kids and… the parents! Now you might wonder… who is Fiete? Well, Fiete lives on a cozy island with a lighthouse, but from time to time he grabs his boat and invites all the kids to join him in discovering the world. Fiete is a good friend, a curious traveller and a really funny guy. If you don’t believe me, check out his adventure apps! The founders of Fiete have started from the wish to create something for their own kids. But slowly, the community of parents discovered it on iTunes, requested more, and so Ahoiii was founded.

Ahoiii is based on three main pillars: design – the apps feature beautifully-drawn objects, people and animals, with colours that highly appeal to kids-, emotion – because nothing is more efficient than something that kids love-, and honesty – parents pay for a quality product.

Fiete has a wide range of adventure apps you can find him on: islands, Christmas time, the zoo, playing sports or driving cars, but our recommendation of this week is Fiete on the Farm. You can download Fiete Farm on iTunes for just $1.99. You (or your kids, whatever) get to experience a day on the farm with the sailor Fiete, and you get to drive a tractor, feed cats and pigs, care for the cow and chickens, harvest carrots, and make you feel like truly living on a farm.

The best part is that you experience a full day at the farm: from morning until evening, doing all the necessary chores for the exact time of day, hence the kids will get the feeling of what time of the day it is, a sense of responsibility and will definitely want to be Fiete’s BFF at the end of the day.

realmomster app ahoiii fiete farm

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realmomster app ahoiii fiete farm

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Sounds a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Go ahead and download Fiete Farm on iTunes, and have an amazing time with your little ones!

App of The Week: Fiete Farm By Ahoiii Entertainment

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App of The Week: Fiete Farm By Ahoiii Entertainment

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