How To Plan & Decorate Your Baby’s First Birthday Bash

realmomster first birthday party

In style, we might add. 

So we all know that a first birthday can simply not be ignored or treated lightly. We must organise, plan, bake cakes, make guest lists, buy kids crests, order baby food, plan lullaby music CDs, and the list goes on. It’s just like a wedding, only on a smaller scale. Well, we wanted to see how a party planner expert does this, and we talked to Madalina to find out some of her secrets.

And judging by her son’s party, we definitely want her to organise our birthday parties too!

So Mada, what did it feel like to see your son turn 1?

The feeling was this : time flies, everything happens with the blink of an eye. When I look back now, it seems like I haven’t enjoyed my baby enough, and oftentimes I wish time would just stop. It seems like yesterday he was just a tiny human being who only nursed and slept all day, and now he’s a big boy who makes you fall in love with him on the spot. It has been a full year of learning patience and sacrifice, and which has rewarded us with so much love and magic. Anyway, his first birthday party was definitely something to be celebrated as a moment of joy and gratitude. And this is what we did. Overall, it was exciting and nerve-wracking, for sure!

How did his birthday compare to the rest of the days, was it a special one or did it feel the same?

It definitely was special. Only once does your first baby turn one. Starting early in the morning, I have been overwhelmed with emotions, it seemed like I was high on drugs… I will so dearly remember how clumsily I was buttoning up his shirt, as if it was the very first time I was doing this! I can’t put into words the joy that surrounded me that whole day. I lived in a fairytale.

realmomster first birthday party

When did you start planning the party and who helped you?

The preps started about 3 months prior to the big day. Even if early, we still encompassed some trouble along. I had been waiting for him to turn one since he was about 4 months old – at this age he couldn’t say what he would imagine his birthday party like, and I really wanted it to represent him in some way, to have a piece of him in the theme of the party.. So I was always analysing him, what he likes, what he’s most attracted to. I was mostly inclined towards Twinkle, twinkle little star… Since the very beginning this was his favourite song, always calming him down and putting him to sleep. So his whole birthday party circled around this song.

 Tell us the steps for organising such a party. Did you follow a guide or did you use just your previous experience?

As I mentioned before, the first step is deciding upon the theme of the party. Then follows the location – in this case it was weird because at this age, everything happens among adults, and usually in a restaurant. But I really wanted many kids to be present, for him to play with them, as I noticed he really likes kids. And as I haven’t found the right location according to my standards, we decided to host it at our home. Then we chose the decorations, the cake, we made the guest lists, chose the catering, the photographer. Yes, sounds like a wedding, but it wasn’t !:)) I think if you’re organised and know exactly what you want,  you can do anything. In my case, prior experience was a huge help however.

What are your top providers when organising a party? (food, catering, accessories, sweets, balloons, etc)

In my view, each provider is super important, I am a perfectionist and I wish everything turns out magazine-like. At the same time it’s also crucial to have an ensemble view over all details. For instance, the little kids that we have invited at the party, all come accompanied by their parents. So you have to make sure you have both adult food and kids cakes on the table, and prepare some special manus for the little ones. I for one cooked myself the food for the babies, to make sure it’s appropriate for 1-year old kids. And I gotta say this, my sweet potato, zucchini and ricotta pudding was a complete success!

Andrei’s cake, which was the centre piece of the party, wasn’t meant for kids, so I ordered a raw vegan cake separately for them, which was not only healthy but also really delicious! For kids, not us, adults :)! In conclusion, it’s good to keep an eye for every single detail in order to be able to organise and be in control of a party for kids.

realmomster first birthday party

realmomster first birthday party

realmomster first birthday party

Did you encounter any trouble while planning it? 

YES! Is there any party without it? From my organising archive, I could say NO!

The photo part was the biggest headache for us, because Andrei is so curious and can’t stand in one place at all. So that’s why we have really few photos, not to mention none with his dad! Thank God for the smartphones who recorded hundreds of videos! 🙂

The cake was also a problem, because all laboratories were closed until January 10th. I was already seeing black in front of my eyes. I remember I told Alina from Grace Couture Cakes “So are you telling me my son will never have a spectacular cake made by you???”. Eventually I contacted the provider we worked with on our wedding and other events, and he saved the situation.

Moreover, Andrei fell asleep in the middle of the party, right when we were bringing the cake. So imagine that.

And ironically enough, the Twinkle Twinkle little star song did not play even once on the background !! :)) One of our little girl guests was crying every time she heard the song! Hilarious!

realmomster first birthday party

What was your favourite part of that day?

The whole day was amazing, I can’t chose a favourite moment. Every moment was special in itself. From early morning until late at night we did nothing but celebrate our little son’s birthday. But the most emotional part was when his daddy and I sang him Happy Birthday at midnight! The way he just stood there and looked up to us with those big, sweet eyes, and the way he was smiling and laughing at us… These moments are our treasures, forever!

Check more of Madalina’s stories about her motherhood experience and super stories, on her blog! Thank you Mada!

How To Plan & Decorate Your Baby’s First Birthday Bash

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