Yeah, Instagram is a trap. I surely got that after I had the baby. I repeat, after. Cause I fell into this illusion just like most of the human race does, but only actually understood it after the first summer avec bebe came up.
And this summer I thought I’d be posting like Gisele Bundchen at the beach with her 3-month-old daughter, and doing yoga with the baby silently playing next to my yoga mat, and they would all be professional pics cause you only have a baby once (or twice if you’re superhero material), and why not, it’s worth having someone taking professional pictures of you and bebe at all times in all places.


Just that it turned out it wasn’t quite like this.

When table dancing in Mykonos and diving in the Seychelles islands seems oh-so-natural on Instagram, remember IT IS ALL JUST INSTAGRAM. I for one tend to forget this sometimes. Or better yet, I tend to forget I have a 8-month old baby that does not do Mykonian skinny dipping and Ibiza late night partying. He likes sleeping in his own bed and crawling around the house, like normal babies do.

So how DO we do summers with a baby? (or more babies, if you are a tiger-mom, but then you are fucked.) I guess first of all, you do you holiday routine according TO THE BABY, and not the other way around. So if Gisele is photographed on the beach at noon (around 12 pm) just like in the pic above, it does NOT mean you should too. Because taking a baby out on the beach after 10 am and before 6 pm is totally non-realistic in the world of mums. I thought that too, but then found out it wasn’t. And you should also know they do not do it by themselves. Look closely, and you’ll see there is always an extra hand in the pic carrying the stroller or the baby’s water or entertaining them behind the cameras.

And they all have help. Nannies, grannies, sissies… anything works as long as you don’t commit to going away on holiday by yourselves with a baby or a toddler and hoping it will be relaxing like a SPA. If you are one of the realistic and committed moms that are aware and wish for their holidays to revolve around the baby, then you’re safe.

Relax. Let them play in the sand and get dirty. Don’t panic and scream and run after them if they got a meter away from the water ( true story) cause it can’t harm them in any way unless they magically fall down and get covered by the waves all the way. But that won’t happen. Take nap brakes in the hotel room where it’s chill and quiet. Stay away from the hottest hours. And act as if you’re in control. Even if you’re not.

Ah, and stop trying to look like the supermodels on the beach at noon.



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