24 Hours in Isolation With…Roxana & Alexei, From Wandering The World to Being Home in The Netherlands

Roxana and her husband are avid travellers: from Australia, to Africa and Europe, this duo – now trio- is loving the adventure of traveling – and you can see that very clearly on their personal travel blog where they share their travel stories, advice, insights and pictures from all around the world. “Prin Lume”, as Roxana is known on her social media channels too, is basically translated “Around the World”, and when you check out her blog and posts, you can tell she is made to do this. But times are so weird now, and while spring would have been the perfect time to explore the Netherlands or any other city whatsoever, this trio is now at home, and Roxana is letting us inside a 24h day with her & little Alexei.

From cooking different recipes a day, to playtime, activities, dress-making, working from home, video conferences and daytime naps, she shares the behind the scenes of a regular day in this period.

I’ll pick a random day πŸ™‚ It’s funny to notice that during the past two weeks, I haven’t had two days with a similar schedule. Even though I always say that our days are the same since we started this isolation, in fact, every day is different when living with a toddler full of energy πŸ™‚ So here I go, describing just a normal day (which in fact was yesterday :D) of my life during corona times:

06:00: Yup, one of those days. My little guy opens his eyes and asks for playing. I struggle to get out of the bed and then I change my mind. I managed to “trick” him and earn 5 more minutes of coziness in bed.

06:05: Disaster happens. I fell asleep for one second and then I hear a loud and desperate knock at the bedroom door. My baby boy wants us to go downstairs and play.

06:30: Managed to change his diaper and clothes (lately, this is quite an adventure – a time consuming one :D), but I’m still in my pajamas. I look at the jeans left in the bathroom (last night I literally had no mood for putting them back into the dressing room :D), but nope, I prefer the pajamas. “It should be illegal to wake up at 6:00AM”, I think for a second.

06:35: I’m back in business. I put my jeans on, I put my makeup on, while Alexei insists to draw my eyebrows. He’s an artist, so I let him do whatever he wants. We both laugh hysterically, kiss and hug and then we continue playing downstairs.

07:00: Preparing the breakfast. I think I’m the only one in this house who actually eats breakfast. I always considered it the most important meal of the day but my boys do not agree. So, I prepare the classic cereals, boiled in milk, with blueberry jam on top. “Dieting” in isolation πŸ˜€ I try to trick Alexei in eating the same but with plums jam, but I end up buttering a slice of bread (toddler’s favourite). Feeling guilty for not preparing a healthier meal, I prepare some spinach pancakes. I use the normal recipe for pancakes and I always make classic pancakes (I don’t like the fluffy American pancakes): one egg, a bit of milk and flour – I never weight the ingredients, I’m just careful to obtain a smooth batter. Then I add some cream cheese, roll the pancake and cut it into small pieces. It looks nice on the plate (like a small roulade) along with some colorful tomatoes and some avocado (called “ado” in our family).

07:30: Andrei wakes up and makes the coffee. Chiaro from Nespresso. With loads of foamed milk. More like milk with a bit a coffee, but I love it.

08:00: Logging in on my laptop, checking emails and news while the boys are playing in the living room. There are Lego pieces all over the place, crayons and brushes. It’s a total chaos in our living room. There’s no such thing as Instagrammable living room in our house.

09:00: Andrei starts working so we switch turns. I’m the one playing with Alexei now. I’m the artist type of parent, always painting, cutting, drawing with Alexei. I don’t like the normal playing, running all over the house (even though I often do that as well :D), playing hide and seek or other games. I prefer reading, making activities, involving him in my daily tasks. Speaking of which, I have to prepare lunch. I noticed that Alexei is not a big fan of dry food (as I am). He needs foods like soups, stews, anything with tons of sauce. So I think about cooking a vegetable stew with a bit of meat and tomato sauce. “Tuti” as he says when he sees tomatoes. We peel the vegetables together, while he’s assisting me from his learning tower. In 20 minutes we’re done cooking. And we’re done messing up the entire kitchen. For a stew.

09:20: Andrei ends his first call so we switch turns again. Not sure when or how, but it’s already 10:30. Someones who woke up at 6:00AM today desperately needs sleeping (and that’s not me). We try to keep him a bit longer so that he can have a better nap at noon.

11:00: Changing my sloppy outfit as I’ll soon have some video meetings with my team. Choosing my brand new dress from H&M (labels still on), Johanna Ortiz collection (my favourite designer). If I can’t wear it outside, at least I can enjoy those oversized sleeves while I’m working.


11:45: Putting Alexei to sleep. It took me precisely 5 minutes to put him to sleep. It must be from the gorgeous dress I’m wearing πŸ˜€

12:00-14:00: Meetings at work. I just returned from my maternity leave and I’m trying hard to catch up with all the changes that happened during my long absence (two years). I sometimes feel overwhelmed, but I always remember that it is normal. I’ll probably be back on track in maximum two months from now (hope even sooner). Meanwhile, Alexei wakes up after 1,5h of sleep. Andrei took care of him this time, as I couldn’t miss the meetings. I usually go to him, breastfeed him and cuddle 30 more minutes in bed, so that he can smoothly wake up. I felt guilty that I was not there this time πŸ™

14:10: Lunch time. We have the vegetable and meat stew for Alexei and we wanted to prepare a huge (literally huge) salad for us. An unexpected meeting for Andrei postpones the lunch for us after 16:30. Alexei refuses the stew but asks for some raspberry as a snack. Honestly, I don’t know how he even gains weight considering how much he’s eating during the day. I just hope that after he will be weaned and there will be no more breast milk for him, he will finally start eating normal food.


14:30-16:00: Having the second coffee of the day. Reading a training for my job (luckily one with voice over so that I don’t have to stay in front of the laptop) while I’m preparing the batter for some baby friendly cupcakes. Alexei is assisting me from his learning tower, asking to whisk the eggs and the flour. Total mess around us, daddy will totally appreciate πŸ™‚ Alexei’s patience is starting to fade away so I come with one of the rescue methods. I always keep a hidden set of new books (all sort of books, this time I used a sticker book with mermaids) so that I can use them whenever I think is needed. We (Andrei and me) agreed to use them only when it is absolutely necessary, as he already has plenty of books and toys that he could use. Of course, this doesn’t work, especially now when he found out where we keep the new books πŸ˜€ He just goes there and picks whatever he likes from the box πŸ™‚ Never underestimate the intelligence of a toddler! πŸ˜€

16:30: Andrei finishes his meetings for the day and starts preparing dinner: huge salad in the making. I promised myself to stop eating after 16:00 starting tomorrow. I’ll probably say the same thing tomorrow, but I blame it on the isolation. Can’t find my motivation to eat less and loose some weight.

18:00: The boy are playing with some snap cards (Alexei loves them!) while I am sewing by hand a dress that I’m creating. It’s the best way for me to relax.

18:30: Preparing the evening routine with Alexei. Bathing time starts around 18:30-18:45. While he is playing in the bathtub, I have a few moments to remove my makeup and apply some face cream (basically that’s the only moment when I get to do that during the day). Just a cleanser, then the hyaluronic serum and the moisturizing cream and I feel like a totally different person. For more than one year I use the same products, from The Ordinary. I’m that type of woman that doesn’t like experimenting too much when it comes to beauty and makeup products. I just keep searching for what’s good for me and then I rarely change the brand. That’s why my makeup bag is the same for years: Vichy Dermabland foundation, Estee Lauder bronzer, MAC highlighter, Chanel eyebrow pencil, MAC lipsticks and lip liners (but my all time favourite lipstick is a Chanel one), Too Faced eyeliner and mascara. And that’s about it.

19:00-19:30: Breastfeeding time until Alexei falls asleep. He usually goes to bed early, no later than 20:00 (of course, there are sometimes exceptions). The routine is pretty simple, he just falls asleep while breastfed, but sometimes he also wants some bedtime stories. This was not the case today.

20:00: Going downstairs to spend some time with Andrei. Watching a Netflix TV show (we just finished Casa de Papel and planning to see Working Moms season 4 as soon as it will be released), having a glass of wine and working for the blog. Which doesn’t feel like working actually, it’s just a way to relax. Preparing Instagram postings for tomorrow, choosing new photos from our HDDs and translating in English our second article about isolation. As Andrei would say, I don’t know how to stay. Just stay. I always have to do something, otherwise I honestly don’t feel good πŸ™‚ Does that make me a workaholic? Hope not πŸ˜€

So that was my hectic day πŸ™‚ It would have been a bit different if I wouldn’t have started working, but hey, we just have to cope with the changes that recently occurred in our lives. I take it as a new challenge so I’ll try to find my rhythm during the next weeks. Everything will settle πŸ™‚

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