24 Hours of Isolation in Bali With… Mom, Philanthropist and Healer Shayoon Mendeluk

Being self-isolated in Bali sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality for Shayoon Mendeluk – this self-healing Goddess, philanthropist, healer and content creator is living the dream life while self isolating with her husband and son in Bali. She opens the door into her dreamy home and daily routine of a regular day during these unsettling times, and offers us a glimpse into her life behind the scenes of the picture-perfect Instagram squares.

“I’m blessed and honoured to be in Bali during this time using my time and craft to be able to help thousands of people daily”.

What does a regular day behind the scenes look like for you in this period?

I am quarantined in Bali but it is very similar to my life in Ibiza. I wake up at 6 am every morning to a sweet little boy growling like a dinosaur or saying “morning mamma”! This is my first feed of the day, while he’s feeding I like to say our prayers out loud and when his belly is full we head to the kitchen with dinosaurs in hand to boil water and he has fruit. I fast for 16 hours every day so breakfast for me doesn’t usually happen until 9 am and I stop eating in the daytime at 5 pm.

I wake up pray, feed baby, make breakfast, meditate, workout, work, break and make lunch, work, make dinner, stop eating at 5, swim, play, in bed by 10! I dont use my phone or any wifi or media in the morning and I shut it off one hour before bed.What are your fav moments of the day?

My favourite moments are swimming. in the pool, going for a walk in the hood to look at the cows and helping people every single day via my course online, my one-on-one teachings or via social media


What do you wear in and out of bed?

I like to sleep naked but here in Bali I have to sleep in full mosquito armor lol

Where are you spending most of your day?

I spend most of my day in a bedroom converted into an office coaching my clients one on one on the new life transformational course I just dropped. Or outdoors around the house shooting content.

What you are eating in a day?

We are vegan, so is my child. We eat really well, healthy and balanced meals. I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and it’s primarily plant based

How are you finding time for yourself?

I make it. You have to make time for yourself to succeed. Put yourself first and you will thrive. If you’re in a relationship, it’s important to hold space for one another to take time for your own needs.

How are you making time for your job and for your wellness routine?

I work all day everyday. Being in the wellness space, this quarantine has brought more business for me. I am blessed because I get to do what I love and help thousands of people during the process and during this time.

What the thing you miss the most from before quarantine and what have you discovered during this time? 

I miss traveling and my dog Imaan who is in Ibiza. I have discovered to be more present.

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Thank you so much Shayoon for sharing your day with us! You can follow Shayoon on her Instagram and check out her new free transformational course here!

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