24h in Isolation At Home With… Me, Pasta, Arts& Crafts, Yoga, Face Masks and Banana Bread

A day in the life of…me. Amidst the chaos that installs itself automatically in many homes that don’t dispose of nannies, chefs or housemaids (ha ha ha ha ha), or homes in which one or both parents need to still work and take care of the house & kids at the same time. Every home looks different, and we’d like to know the behind the scenes.

I’ll go first.

7:45 – my son opens his eyes. A new day commences.

7:45:30 seconds – he utters his first words “Mom do you wanna play a game?” A new lifestyle commences.

Three seconds later he seems to be falling back asleep because his eye lids are so heavy, and he might be still probably dreaming, considering he already wants to hop on his first game of the day when I haven’t even noticed it’s morning yet. Anyways, I wake up with this happy thing in my bed every.single.morning, because for some reason rules of sleeping change when we’re on an imposed “holiday”. But his first words every morning are “I love you Mommy”, so how can you resist that???

9:36 AM – I’m partly typing this and partly Pinteresting healthy desert versions to make today, in between saving patio design ideas for our summer house, browsing beach house interiors and looking at old photos of Sophia Lauren eating pasta in style. I have already showered and immersed myself in body oils and creams, I have already played in bed for one hour with my son, fed him cereals with milk and made coffee for me and my husband. I keep asking myself how come my kid is always, and I mean always on top of me – when I sleep, when I shower, when I cook, when I eat, when I try to watch something without him, and during all this time, his dad is quietly sleeping in my son’s bed without being interrupted, he goes to the toilet with no one bothering him, and manages to have long phone calls and video conferences with nobody sliming in. Well, *almost* always.

10:31 AM – I think I’ve found the comfiest, silkiest, softest, versatil-est satin pyjamas ever by H&M, they’re a really adorable shade of baby blue, they are long enough so I don’t get chills while watching my TV show at 11:30 PM on the couch, and airy enough to not make me sweat overnight, and make me feel like it’s an eternal summer morning vibe whenever I wear them. Actually I’m pretty sure I will not exchange them with anything, perhaps outside my bathrobe.


Hydration is the key these days for me, so I went for a avocado, honey and coconut oil melange, which turned out pretty disgusting in the looks but pretty great on the face. Oh and I also did a scrub before that with coffee, coconut oil and honey.

10:36 AM – I stopped writing to clean up the kitchen counter and put the oat milk my son has consumed for breakfast with honey puffs and granola back to the fridge. Didn’t end up well.

10:56 AM – I attempted to (finally!) make elderberry immunity boosting gummy bears for my son, had all the ingredients ready to go, only to learn my gelatin is NOT RIGHT and so I can’t use it, so we don’t have gelatin, so we can’t make the gummy bears. Everyone is now very disappointed and I wish I could go to the store and search for a god damn gelatin powder to make the gummies now.

14:34 PM – I’ve just finished making a quick and easy lunch for the boys – coconut infused rice with chicken & mushrooms dived in Alfredo sauce, with a touch of parmesan & coconut flakes. Yum. While my son was savouring his dish for 30 min so he can watch Tom & Jerry the entire time while he eats, I got to the desert of the day: an improved, elevated, fusion banana bread. I used 2 ripe bananas, flour, greek yogurt (that’s a first), maple syrup, pecan nuts and some chopped chocolate from Tony’s. Oh, here’s the recipe for this one. I think the yogurt made it quite heavy and it didn’t grow as I wanted it to. Will keep improving.

Before that, we went out in the forest in front of the house for our daily dose of movement, fresh air and Vitamin D. The intention was to get to the little store on our street to search for gelatin powder, so I took a leap, went rebellious and went inside with him to see if we can fins it. Needless to say I felt like a total freak, I was getting hot flashes mixed with a dip of an unknown to me before anxiety and with a touch of fucking fear of not touching anything unnecessary or getting too close to that other freak of a woman who just came in. Jeez, I never thought I would feel like this only by walking into an almost empty store.

Update: went to the store, they had no gelatin, but ordered it and it will arrive tomorrow. So basically today, when you read this. Will post updates on the gummies result.


Gosh I’m soooo lucky to have this paradise right in front of our house, a deep, green, beautiful forest we can enjoy every day. Never appreciated nature more than I do at this point.

16:45 PM – I have 15 min left to my Yoga Class with my good friend Madalina who is making time for me every 2 days or so to meet and have our Zoom class. I love it, it truly makes my day and makes me feel so relaxed, tall, toned and happy.  I learned that scheduling a class on Zoom is like having a life again: I put it in my mental calendar, I prepare the husband and kid to think about activities to take up on at that time. I make myself a priority every day, I think this is what keeps us going in this period, to make time for ourselves, find things that help us relax, unwind, pamper our bodies, face, hair, meditate, work out, take some time away from the kid(s) whenever you can. Do Not Feel Guilty For Doing So.

Seriously, I am cooking, baking, arts & crafting, walking outside, playing against my will, cleaning the house, washing, ironing, organising and decorating all fucking day long. I DESERVE MORE than one poor hour to my fucking self throughout the day.


19:35 – Carb O’Mara, also known as the best Pasta Carbonara in the world, the one and only recipe I make by the great Antonio Carluccio ( here).

I love pasta, I love Antonio, I love carbs, I love carbonara.

Since it’s getting dark so much later here now, around 9PM or even more, it’s getting harder and harder to put the dragon to sleep earlier than that. Which, if you consider he woke up at 8 AM, is pretty damn late. The process starts at 9 now (before this whole disaster, he was asleep at 8), but often ends at around 9:45, if you add the shower, creams, oils, bathrobe and opening the laptop, it’s already 10 PM when our day actually* starts….

9:46 PM – The time my phone was showing after coming out of my room and putting Sasha to sleep.

Now the actual evening commences.

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