24 Hours in Iso With…Miriam Pataki And Her Three Girls: Cooking, Breastfeeding and Time Management

As our Mama Muse of today also puts it, there is literally no such thing as a mom…who has her shit together. Especially during quarantine, and especially being at home with three (!) girls! But I guess superwomen do exist, and Miriam Pataki is for sure one of them. She’s proof that there are so many hats to being a Mom: from private chef and au pair, to personal assistant, house maid, chauffeur, teacher, referee, friend and CEO of the entire house. And if you can do and be all of this while still look like her, then you’re obviously in charge of a super power we would all want to learn about. She often makes me wonder “how (the f) does she do it all?” and “how can she make it look oh so easy?”, but this is exactly why we want to see what’s going on behind the camera.

Miriam welcomes us to spend 24 hours in confinement with her and her three beautiful daughters, and is sharing how her life behind the scenes looks like during this self isolation time.

6:00: Amélie my youngest daughter wakes up. I change her diaper and then I breastfeed her in bed and we stay there a bit. She plays with the curtains and I’m answering some messages on my phone.

We get dressed and play a bit in her new room, I moved Lilly’s stuff to Sophia’s room so Amélie could have her own room too. The oldest girls are sleeping together for a while now, they love that, so why not ‘officially’ move. While she is playing I do my makeup and get dressed.

Around 7:00: Everybody else is still sleeping. I hear my husband’s alarm clock go off whilAmélie and I are walking downstairs.

I clean the kitchen while I’m making coffee. Get the dog outside and put the clothes in the washing machine and dryer because I forgot last night.

7:30: My husband goes to his work and Sophia, my oldest, wakes up. I’m watching the news on tv for a bit as Amélie is playing with her toys.

At 8:00 Lilly comes downstairs too, I’m drinking my – now cold – coffee.

8:30: I put Amélie in the carrier and am making pancakes with forest fruit sauce. Sophia and Lilly chose the breakfast.

9:30: Amélie wakes up and I’m feeding her half of a banana with tiny pieces of the pancakes and the sauce.

The two youngest play together while I help Sophia do her homework.

At 12:00: I’m breastfeeding Amélie again, while I’m working on the laptop. She falls asleep on my lap, the door bell is ringing and I let Sophia open it, Amélie’s bed came in for her new room. I want to open the packages so badly but I’d rather let her sleep a bit 🙂 The girls are playing in the garden, it’s finally dry outside.

So I’ll continue my work.

13:00: She wakes up, so I can start cleaning the house, I vacuum downstairs and upstairs, do the toilet and bathroom and clean the kitchen. Also the machines got another round of washing. A huge package arrived, normally I order everything for the kids but this time it was all for me, the girls loved help me unpack and give their unsalted opinion 🙂

14:00:  Now we have lunch together, a bit late but whatever, we aren’t running anywhere.

Normally we go outside a lot but this is the first day it’s raining so I ask the girls what they want to do, well I could have guessed they want to watch television..I told them we will watch a ‘big’ movie together. We chose Narnia. That’s a BIG movie indeed.

It’s 16:00: Now and I’m painting my room some more, which I couldn’t finish yesterday. I can’t just sit and watch a movie for 2 1/2 hours, I have too much on my mind for that. Amélie is in the carrier on my back while I am painting.

17:00: Amélie is sleeping in the carrier again, I can quickly put another recipe on my blog. And after that I will make dinner, not sure yet what. It is a possibility I’m going to call my husband and ask him to bring Turkish pizza.

18:30: He brought pizza. 🙂 Tomorrow we’ll balance it with healthy food. It’s all about balance anyway.

19:30: Sophia and Lilly have been playing in the bathtub for a while, while I make everything ready downstairs. Bernard washes their hair and brushes their teeth. They come downstairs to kiss me goodnight, we read a story and they go to bed.

At 20:30:  We are watching tv while Amélie is breastfeeding/sleeping on my lap. We are drinking tea and I’m falling asleep as usually.
So I’ll go to bed with Amélie around 22:30.
Bernard makes a bottle formula and I take a shower while he gives her the bottle. We’re hoping for a peaceful night to start fresh tomorrow.

I hope you liked our 24 hour life!

Everyday is different but overwhelming, some days I can handle everything, sometimes absolutely not and that’s okay. We moms have a full heart but sometimes we feel empty and blue, please call your mom/grandmother or other mom friends and talk about it ❤️ They maybe felt the same some days and can cheer you up, or drink wine with you!:)

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