24 Hours In Iso With… Bianca The Dreamer and Lola the Golden Retriever: Music, Skincare, Flowers & Pancakes

If you’re still not done with the dishes for today, if your house is a mess and you have veggies steaming on the stove, chicken marinating in the fridge and potatoes baking in the oven; if your kids are all over the place and can’t seem to detach themselves from your sleeve, if you don’t really have your shit together at the end of the day but wish you did, then this is for you. We’re seeing the lives of multiple-kids moms on Instagram and everywhere else these days. Bottom line- it’s messy and loud. But here’s a step into fantasy: meet Bianca, a single girl, working in digital marketing, and living a fairy-tale-like life together with Lola Mendess, her Golden Retriever, downtown of Bucharest.

Her Instagram posts and stories seem like cut out from a Vogue Living magazine, her everyday vibe transports you to a French vineyard country house with a touch of fine cuisine, Greek music and Dutch flowers. It’s like honey for the soul, and we were curious to find out how a regular day looks like for Bianca and Lola during this weird quarantine period.

Here, the girls invite us over to their beautiful place for a nice cup of Nespresso coffee, a bite of french crepes and a late night in front of the TV. Basically, everything a mom with kids does not get. Enjoy.

08:00 AM – the first time my alarm goes off.

I think Lola, my Golden Retriever, has been up since 6 AM but she is quiet, she just stares out the window as far as I’ve noticed so far.

8:40  AM – the actual* time I get out of bed and Lola is ecstatic about it! She makes turns around the house, as she realises we are soon about to go outside.

09:10 AM – I finish my morning skincare routine. I wash my face with micellar water, apply a toner with CoQ10, and a Vitamin C serum. Until the serum is absorbed, I brush my teeth, and then apply a hydrating cream, SPF lotion, mascara and perfume.

I like putting make-up on even if I stay home and Lola is the only one who sees me; it puts me a better mood.

09:20 AM – After making my bed and opening all windows in the house, I put my Nespresso coffee machine ON, today I chose “Roma” – one of my favourite flavours.

I leave the coffee there and run outside with Lola. Because I am not a morning person at all, it takes me a while to get into my rhythm, so Lola’s walk is short and to the point, meaning for her basic needs only, and then we go back straight at home.

Now she’s quietly standing in front of the entrance door waiting for me to clean her pows , then I do the same, take out my street clothes, wash my hands and my glasses. I then put on some comfy leggings and an oversized white T-shirt, or the faster version – a bath robe-, take my coffee from the machine alongside a glass of water and bring them straight out on the balcony.

I give Lola some food as well, during which I use Google Nest to play a Morning Bossa Nova playlist.

Until 10- 10:15 AM I enjoy my coffee and read some pages from my book. I am actively reading two books at the moment: “The Black Swan” by Nassim Thaleb and the third part from the tetralogy “My genius friend” by Elena Ferrante.

During a normal working week I am at my (home) office until 6 – 6:30 PM, where the only change I make is in the playlist I listen to. I found some really nice ones on Spotify, it’s a “Work from home” playlist with a coffee cup next to it.

But today being the weekend, I am in the mood for some pancakes. I have to mention I have never in my life cooked as much combined together, as I have cooked during these 2 months of quarantine.

Basically, everything I feared my entire life of becoming – a housewife- is exactly what I ended up being.

So, I discovered two pancake recipes: one for French crepes and one for American pancakes.  They’re really simple. For the French crepes I used the recipe by Mazilique.ro: 3-2-1. 300g milk – 2 eggs – 100 gr. flour. You also add a teaspoon of oil and that’s all. You get about 6-7 perfect crepes.

The American pancakes recipe is with greek yoghurt: 2/3 packs of greek yoghurt, 3-4 eggs, vanilla essence, 100 gr. of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder. You mix it all together and add them to the pan with a spoon. The secret lies within leaving it sit for 4-5 min on one side and only 1 min on the other side.

Today being Sunday, at 10 AM I am still on the terrace.

Because I always buy fresh flowers, after I finish reading, I always change their water and cut their ends, in the hope that they will last as long as possible.

12:30 AM – I make myself a brunch. I’m making sunny side up eggs with a side of tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado salad and some pancakes on the side. After that I FaceTime two friends for an hour.

Because yesterday I cleaned up the entire house, today is about getting myself pretty.

14:00 PM – I start the preparations – wash my hair, style my hair, do my manicure and I want to try a new thing – self tanner. At least to add some colour to my skin 🙂

The entire process takes about 2 hours, just as long as it would take me at the salon as well, except that the result would be freaking amazing and I would not be this exhausted.

16:00 PM – I make myself another coffee, which I serve with a slice of cake, during which I browse Vogue.fr and Sezane.com to see what’s new.

16:30 PM – I lie in front of the TV with another snack (don’t even ask how much weight I gained in this quarantine), and watch the last 2 episodes of “Killing Eve” on HBO Go.

From 18:00 la 19:30 PM – I walk with Lola around the neighbourhood of our house while listening to music in my earphones, imagining I am actually somewhere in Greece or living in one of the beautiful houses I discover along the way.

Then we take another 30 min for the entire process of cleaning pows and changing clothes.

Around 20:00 PM – both Lola and I have something light and easy to prepare for dinner – like beef with rice and asparagus, pizza leftovers from the other night, or a simple ice-cream. But what I love the most is to prepare myself a nice soda with a lot of ice and some spices. When we weren’t in quarantine yet, I used to always have friends over and the soda would quickly become a gin & tonic.

Always in the evenings I am more able focus on exact stuff, so in the evening if I don’t listen to a conference, I read things related to digital marketing, trying to make progress even if with small steps, because I’m being honest and I can say that I can’t be very productive in this period with anything outside from office work.


22:00 PM – I take off my make-up with an EveLoom gel, I use an exfoliating toner and a night hydrating cream or a mask, and take nice hot bath.

La 23:00 – I’m in bed, but it doesn’t mean I go to sleep, even if I wish I would, but I always get carried away either by a TV show, a movie or a TV series.

I don’t remember ever going to sleep before 1 AM in this period.

The End.

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