An Attempt To a 2020 Resolution: Dressing Like a Princess For My Son All Year Long

As I’m currently typing this with the laptop in my lap, wearing loose black, boring ballet sweatpants and a loose T-shirt, I’m contemplating on what to wear to bed tonight. What an exciting thought, right? I guess I have multiple choices – I’m thinking maybe one of my short, silk, sexy night dresses, but it might be a little cold for that. Maybe my long sleeved set? But I’m way too hot in that overnight. There’s also my reindeer PJ set I bought for Christmas or my pink hearts set my son chose for me in a store, but I keep those for when I’m totally lacking inspiration. Or when my husband is not home. I’ll most probably end up again falling asleep in a loose t-shirt and underpants, as per usual.

How much thought is acceptable to put into what to wear to bed on a regular night? Because for me it’s usually 5 to 10 seconds. Unless I’m on holiday in the South of France or Tuscany or at the beach somewhere. Then I’ll always – perhaps from respect to that beautiful destination- dress particularly nice in bed. Is that a thing? Am I the only one ‘safe keeping’ my ‘good nightwear outfits’ for spicy, glam destinations for fear or ‘wasting’ them on regular weeknights at home?

I guess I am purposely deciding which occasions deserve a special effort from me and which don’t mind my boyfriend’s t-shirts. I am deliberately keeping my “good” nightwear for special days, and rarely think about regular weekdays as special. And I probably never will because let’s be honest, what’s more comfortable than wearing *nothing* to bed?

But then, who gets to decide what’s special and when? Shouldn’t every night be beautiful, special, worth it?

I got this revelation the moment my son said to me “Mommy you look like a princess, and I will be your knight that saves you from the dragon. You should keep this dress until tomorrow morning when I wake up so we can do this role play”. – 7:3p pm on a Friday night, before going to bed. The compliments he spills out are killing me literally. Didn’t expect for his sense of appreciation to develop and be expressed so soon, but hey, at least I know I am on the right track of growing a little gentleman, right?

Anyways. So this was the first and most immediate reaction from my son after seeing me put on my white nightgown dress I had just bought. He was so mesmerised by the way I looked, and had such a sparkle in his eyes when looking up to me, that I found it one of the most irresistible moments I ever lived with him – and trust me, there are so many of them. There was nothing fancy to my attire – just this simple, crisp white, see-through, sleeveless, long and loose nightgown dress (that will definitely be my all-summer-long dress, aside from sleeping), my hair was a mess (as per usual), I was barefoot, and had no make up on (as per usual).

Still, he immediately saw a character in me, and not his regular Mom. He saw a beautiful princess (oh now I’m being modest as f*ck).

I mean, I know his dad did a great job in inspiring him and giving him this gentleman behaviour – he loves to do everything “manly” like offer me flowers, surprise me with all sorts of drawings or crafts he makes at school, wake up his dad and make him bring me coffee in bed, and basically he believes I should be treated like a Queen.

About which, of course, he is utmost right.

But then it gets me thinking… I don’t get the same reaction when I’m hanging around the house in my sweatpants and t-shirt, right? He does not compliment me the same way when I wear jeans and flip flops in the summer as he does when I’m in heels, right?

Even at his age, he sees and feels when I look nice, he makes sure he tells me how beautiful I look, he always loves to see me dresses nicely, which is so great. It makes me want to take more care of the way I look like even at home. It makes me want to buy all the beautiful night gowns in the world just for him.

It makes me feel appreciated, and makes every day or night at home a special one. Which is the way things should be. Every night at home with our kids is and should always be something special.

And this is how I will cherish it forever.


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