Are Babies The New Dior Bags?

If you thought 2018 was the year of Balenciaga sneakers and j’aDIOR pumps, think again. I’m a firm believer that it has been the year of BABIES. From Chiara Ferragni crushing the internet after giving birth to baby Leo, to Giovanna Battaglia a.k.a @batgio or Pernille Teisbaek flaunting their rising baby bumps while descending limos on the streets of Paris during fashion week. Fashion bloggers and creative editors are leaving the spotlight of their careers to join the newly-chic mom-fluencer tribe. And if in the past putting a baby + Dior in the same sentence, or worse, in the same picture, was a sealed path to failure and a messy trip to the dry cleaners, today the rounder the bump, the more fans you’ve got.

I see it all around. Today I’m in awe at a mom’s style while walking her little daughter and their dog through the park, and before I can turn my head around, there’s a brand new stroller added to the clan. As if making babies is as easy as baking chocolate chip muffins. Karen Wazen is hopping from airplane to catwalk, shootings and fittings all the while juggling three babies under 4. Jenny Mollen is #momouttherekillingit on Instagram and telling things as they are while writing a book and raising two boys. And you know what? Honestly, I get them, and I’m on the same line. THERE is no better accessory to a full fetched look than a baby (or two) hung on your hip and looking like a mini-you.

According to the latest trends, we are having kids later than ever in history. We are career focused, trying to afford properties – or to get Insta-famous, and buying too much avocado toast. Our list of responsibilities is long, and adding a kid to that may more often than not seem like a hazard. Well, not to me, obviously, as I decided my life was too boring and not challenging enough that I wanted to double the list just before turning 21. But that’s just me. For the great majority of expecting moms we are talking more years of age and less innocence in terms of expectations.

Expectations… what a big word. I remember myself looking at photos of all these famous fashion icons on social media, seeing them balancing NY fashion week and laughing babies at home and thinking “Oh so it is possible. If they can do it, why couldn’t I?”

Realmomster Are babies the new Dior bags?

So I wonder, does seeing all our Instagram fashion muses on social media have kids make it seem more realistic and doable for the rest? Do they make us feel like we can just as easily run a business, carry a 9-5, or do freelancing jobs whilst giving birth and raising babies? Their pictures and posts make motherhood look so fashionable and easy, that the kids on their hips look just like a chic addition to complete their designer outfits. Ultimately, what I have acknowledged on my own skin, is that these babies don’t mean the end of a career or a luxury wardrobe, but a doorway to a new stage of life. One filled with so much more love, empathy, car vomiting, patience, future plans, responsibilities, late nights and early mornings, and pretty much a state of fulfilment and joy. Sometimes even new beginnings, like my case. I didn’t have my career in full swing when I felt I wanted to have a baby. I wasn’t living in Barbie’s dream house, nor was I attending fashion weeks as a daily job, or wearing Gucci head to toe. But it was my wish, my emotion, and would not even consider not following it just for the sake of getting everything else in order by then.

There’s a misconception that you need to have your full life in perfect order and under control before taking such a big step of having kids. But why? Aren’t babies also part of the building, growth and learning process? Aren’t we supposed to learn from them just as much as we can learn from having jobs and other experiences in life? Yes, some need to “live” their youth at parties, vacations and bars. But more often than not, kids do not stop you from doing any of those things – they just make it more difficult, and more worth it when you can finally leave the house and do it.

Adding babies to your “list” is not the end of your life. It is the end of everything else you have known before, but there is nothing a night nanny or an involved grandma can not do to help out. And seeing Chrissy Teigen juggle two kids and several french bulldogs by the pool, or Leandra Cohen running the leading Man Repeller iconic site while feeding her two twins puree for breakfast makes it all relateable, realistic and, well… fun.

Realmomster Are babies the new Dior bags?

But don’t fall in the trap of thinking you can too have three babies while running the world by yourself. THESE women have HELP, and lots of it. But the result is too stylish to say no to.

A baby on your hip is the latest Dior bag, haven’t you heard? Get in line.


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