And they’re just as adorable as we thought. 
After keeping a low profile after giving birth to her second daughter, and after keeping the 2 girls in the Lively-Reynolds family totally private, it was about time that the world met them! Yesterday afternoon, proud parents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds finally introduced their two girls to the world, by having them accompany their dad celebrating his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

realmomster blake lively ryan reynolds hollywood

The ultimate pregnancy-glow muse, as everyone called her, Blake Lively, stole the show with a sapphire blue frock accessorized with opal and emerald jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz and not to miss the peep-toe Christian Loubutin shoes for an extra pinch of glow. However, her handsome husband, Ryan, and the kids were the ones who lifted the look into an all-star-family Hollywood appearance.

Blake showed how proud she is of her husband by sharing a photo on her Instagram account of Ryan, James and herself around Ryan’s Hollywood star, captioning it : “Proud is a pitiful word to describe how I felt today. @vancityreynolds The permanence of your impact is undeniable…Always has been but now we have a fancy star to show for it. :)”

realmomster screenshot blake lively ryan reynolds

Now that we’ve all been waiting so long to get a glimpse of the “secret daughters”, let’s have a close look because we have some catching up to do!

realmomster blake lively reyan reynolds hollywood

First, there’s little James Reynolds, the couple’s first daughter. Turning two this weekend, the little Goldilocks was bursting with energy and enthusiasm at her dad’s ceremony! It’s ok James, we are excited too! Blake had already some details about her daughter’s energetic behavior before. “My kid is playing with explosive devices—I don’t know where she’s found them—sticking them in our dog’s ear,” she joked with Seth Meyers in June.

Reynolds revealed that James is named after his late father, who recently passed away. Lively said she “liked having a boys name” (Blake) herself and decided to pass on the tradition to her firstborn.

realmomster blake lively ryan reynolds hollywood

If this isn’t serious hair-envy material, than what is? Hashtag #curlyhairgoals !

And then there is the latest Lively-Reynolds acquisition, baby number two – whose name the couple has still not revealed yet, born in September this year.

realmomster blake lively ryan reynolds hollywood

At only 3-months old, the baby girl made her Red Carpet debut and is learning all about posing from the best.

realmomster blake lively ryan reynolds hollywood

Adorable family indeed! Congratulations to Ryan for getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and for having one cute family of three beautiful girls! Proud papa, proud man!

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