Welcome to Your All Inclusive Luxury Post-Partum Care: Meet Boram Postnatal Retreat in NYC

Carrying a baby for 9 months is no piece of cake, preparing for a new baby is a part time job, and giving birth is like a 42k marathon. Shall we mention what happens *after giving birth? Well, that’s when the adventure really begins. And more often than not, future mammas focus so much on pregnancy and birth, that they forgot to take into account the actual tough part, which starts the moment after you are holding your little one in your arms. The Postpartum Journey begins, and as a mom of two, let me tell you that a right start into new motherhood paves the way for a beautiful journey onwards.

From adjusting to sleepless nights and days, to getting the hang of breastfeeding, endless diaper changes, mood swings (your own and your baby’s), your body recovering from birth, and settling into a new dynamic that involves the whole family now, the first few days and weeks after giving birth are not a walk in the park and should be treated accordingly. Which is, with a lot of care, love and patience.

And if everyone knows about the famous “baby moon”, translated into a “last holiday in two before baby arrives”, then you have probably not heard about a “postpartum retreat”, right? Well, the first postnatal retreat has opened in New York and it’s basically exactly what you read: an all-inclusive hotel catered to new mothers that can check in after giving birth and get all the support, care and help for those first few hard days in order to start their journey right.

“Recovering from childbirth, learning to take care of a newborn, adjusting to a new self-identity; postpartum is something you were never meant to do alone.

In the past, new mothers and babies were always supported, guided and cared for by their family and friends.

It takes a village. We’re here to be your village.”

realmomster boram care NYC luxury postnatal retreat

realmomster boram care NYC luxury postnatal retreat

Located within the 5-star The Langham New York Hotel on Fifth Avenue, Boram has 16 rooms designed specifically for new parents and their babies to enjoy during the days- or weeks after birth. Along with the well-appointed, luxurious rooms and suites you can check in at, Boram also provides nourishing, balanced meals crafted to help moms recover from childbirth, trained care teams to help look after babies and a gathering space for new moms to find a sense of community.

Boram Care is basically here to care for the new mother and provide her with the care, space, support and time she needs to rest, recover and feel ready for going home and embarking on this new journey. Imagine you can focus only on bonding with your new baby, while you have numerous dedicated, professional helping hands around you 24/7.

realmomster boram care NYC luxury postnatal retreat

“My husband and I were working 12 hour days and weekends to ensure the success of our first company. Within a day of our first child’s birth in 2010, a beautiful and healthy girl, I was back to work and on the phone.

However, after our son’s C-section birth in 2014, my body felt the weight of juggling recovery, work and family. Meanwhile I knew that many cities around the world have dedicated facilities for postnatal care.

I couldn’t fathom how New York City did not offer a place for new moms and their babies to rest and recover after birth. So we decided to start one.”, says Co-Founder Boram Nam.

With time being the most precious gift to a new mother, affording to check in in this cocoon of rest and recovery is probably the gift of a lifetime to mothers who are either feeling “blue” after birth, or predicting that a week there will change their whole postpartum experience into something magical, and something to look forward to.


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