Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Are Expecting Baby Number 3!

It’s really gonna get “WILD” in the Teigen-Legend house pretty soon, as the couple are reportedly expecting baby #3! With the launch of John Legend’s latest single and music video, “Wild”, people caught the news – and that was at the very end, when Chrissy Teigen shortly embraced her tiny bump while overlooking the sea, embraced by husband John.

Even though the parents-to-be have not made any comments regarding the big news, the hint was there. And it was followed by an Instagram story posted by Chrissy that was showing a tiny bump right there!

The supermodel revealed in 2015 that they have been trying hard to get pregnant, and in the end succeeded through IVF for both her pregnancy with Luna, 4 and Miles, 2. She has always been candid about wanting to expand their family in the future with the help of IVF, and fortunately, they did now. Such happy news for our favourite couple out there!!

Realmomster Chrissy Teigen John Legend baby number 3


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