Christian Louboutin’s Loubibabys Are Back Just In Time For Christmas

December is almost here, and the weeks leading up to Santa are awaited by kids and adults with the same excitement! Whether you’re preparing for Secret Santa or making lists for all your kids, nephews, or friends’ babies, one thing is for sure: nobody puts baby in the corner! Actually the best gifts are the ones for the little ones! Take it from Christian Louboutin‘s latest limited-edition capsule collection of shoes for tiny tots. Following the success of Louboutin’s first collection of baby shoes in collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop last year in 2017, the iconic mini red leather soles get the miniature treatment once again in the form of these chic satin baby shoes.

With a concept as simple as it is exclusive – one silhouette, one size suitable for ages 6-9 months and a limited quantity – each bootie showcases Christian Louboutin’s trademark savoir-faire and is adorned with a tiny hand-crafted bow. Because when it comes to babies, nothing says ‘adorable’ like a whimsical finishing touch.

Attention though: with the collection so adorable, it might be impossible to resist it! What better excuse to give in temptation of coordinating outfits with your mini you and pass on the couture culture to the younger generation? This limited edition is so much better as it features designs straight from the Women S/S 2019 collection: a classic spin on the Maison’s signature shade, the Loubi Red makes for the perfect introduction to the world of Christian Louboutin to your little girl, while the black-and-white or multi-color Wallgraf styles are a bold option for a stylish outfit.

Realmomster Christian Louboutin Loubibabys Christmas Realmomster Christian Louboutin Loubibabys Christmas Realmomster Christian Louboutin Loubibabys Christmas

Once the mini Mary Janes, with the red soles and tiny adorable handmade bows, sold out immediately back in 2017, we thought we might never see them again. Until now. Louboutin has now made 600 pairs of Loubibabys in red, black-and-white and multi-colored satin.

“It was a challenge for our artisans and factories to work on baby shoes,” he told Vogue ahead of the November 9 launch date. “The savoir-faire and techniques are totally different from women’s and men’s shoes.”

Louboutin describes the tiny slippers as having a “cartoonesque, Walt-Disney inspired look, which parents are always in love with”, yet, look closely and details of the adult-sized spring/summer 2019 collections also feature. Mini-me fashion, we know, sells.

Realmomster Christian Louboutin Loubibabys Christmas

Would Louboutin consider branching out into a full children’s collection? “I have received requests from women asking for baby shoes for a long time,” he concedes. “I admit we have made a few pairs for special [clients] over the past years, but more recently I have noticed that requests for [a collection] that does not exist helps me to realise it. That is how I came to design men’s shoes, for example.”

How exciting is THIS?

Discover the collection and find out more about the special pairs on the site. Each pair of Loubibabys retails for £190 from


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