Discover Cloud Twelve: A One-Of-A-Kind Wellness X Family Club in Notting Hill

As mothers, we feel we deserve a little alone time here and there, if possible every weekend, but we’re fine with less too… But sometimes the balance between being with the kids and getting pampered at the SPA can be quite hard to strike, when you have a full-time working husband, or the kids are off from the creche/ daycare/ school. So imagine a place where you can indulge in a luxurious SPA and a plant-based menu brasserie, all the while your kids can get their own playtime in the Family Space, attend fun classes or be looked after in the crèche. This is just like being on Cloud Nine. Ehm…. Cloud Twelve! Welcome to mothers paradise in Notting Hill!

We have recently discovered this little gem in the heart of Notting Hill: Cloud Twelve is a one-of-a-kind wellness and lifestyle club extending over three floors with an interactive play and learn zone for families with children, indulgent spa, luxury salon, a nutritionally focused brasserie and a holistic wellness clinic – all under one roof for busy, modern moms who love to combine being with their kids with me-time.

Surely there should be places to go that are geared towards adults’ tastes but equally cater to children too?

Founder of Cloud Twelve, Jenya Emets, has spent 17 years working in banking and got a first-hand appreciation for how challenging it was to find time to “have it all”, and this is a concept that was true for busy mothers too. With this in mind, she aimed to “develop a concept that promotes self love; not just for yourself, your friends, and family, but for the community, the planet, and all beings on it”.

I want to be the best version for myself – healthy, happy, fit, beautiful, relaxed, spiritual, fun, glam, a supportive friend, a good parent – how can I have it all?

As women, our will to have fun and enjoy life is unchanged, our appetite for attending glam events and drinking Prosecco in fancy brasseries is undiminished- but, as mothers, precious time with our kids becomes incompatible with places we want to go, because they don’t cater to us as a family. We ALL need that one place where we can find it all. And Cloud Twelve seems like the dream place!

The Spa

Realmomster Cloud Twelve Family Friendly Club Notting Hill

The Cloud Twelve indulgent spa is a complete getaway to detoxify your body, recharge and refocus your energy. Discover their range of natural treatments that bring together the best of Western and Asian philosophies including massages, facials and pre- and postnatal rituals, as well as treatments designed specifically for men. Their team of beauty experts also offer non-invasive, high-tech procedures supported by science and modern technology.

Faced with an increasingly frenetic lifestyle, it is all too easy to forget to prioritise our own health.

“We believe in treating the whole person and the cause of illness rather than merely isolating and treating the symptoms. We also recognise the innate capacity of the body to heal itself. We use herbal remedies, nutritional supplements and other naturopathic medicines to assist the body in restoring its balance. Our focus, however, will always be on prevention, as we believe it’s the best cure.” – find more about their services within their Wellness Clinic @ Cloud Twelve. 

Family Space

Realmomster Cloud Twelve Family Friendly Club Notting Hill


Set within a magical forest, the playground entertains, challenges the mind and stimulates the imaginations of the little ones. Parents can join in the fun, or watch and relax in our comfortable lounge, while their Ofsted-registered assistants take care of the children.

They ensure their members feel valued by providing a stimulating and diverse entertainment schedule. The bespoke Cloud Twelve theatre production team hosts an array of interactive experiences, where families can sing and dance together alongside the cast.


The Family Space hosts a unique open-ended play and learn area specifically designed for optimal child development. Suitable for children aged 0 to 11 years, their custom-made tools help your child build relationships and develop communication skills using critical and creative thinking, while physically challenging themselves in our magical forest-themed play zone. The Family Zone also offers educational classes, as well as a fully equipped crèche, babysitting and home services, family wellness and a children’s cafe and lounge. How perfect does this all sound?!



Realmomster Cloud Twelve Family Friendly Club Notting Hill

“What to eat and what not to eat can be overwhelming at the best of times, but you can rest easy: we’ve got you covered. Come and indulge guilt-free with Cloud Twelve’s fresh, organic, plant-based menu, on offer in our beautifully designed brasserie located in Notting Hill.”

Taking inspiration from the small-plate culture of Spanish tapas and Middle Eastern mezze, while adopting its own unique cuisine style, their menu is designed by the legendary Stu Henshall, founder of The Alternative Kitchen. Stu’s food focuses on being universally delicious, inclusive and good for the body, mind and soul. If you are what you eat, eat smart!

So, whilst the club isn’t exclusive – anyone can become a member, whether you’re a parent or not-, how cool and PERFECT is the idea that you can get your massages and treatments done while your kids are happily playing downstairs?

Oh yes! You’re welcome!

For more details visit their website and @cloudtwelveclub.



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