Discover the Enchanting Bedrooms A La Savio Firmino

Happiness is a Notte Fatata children dream bedroom by Savio Firmino that looks like a fairytale and that would probably become any parent’s nightly destination pretty soon. Whether your child dreams about being a fearless prince or a delightful princess, Savio Firmino knows how to make dreams turn into reality.

Founded back in 1941 by Firmino Savio in the heart of the historic city of Florence, the company slowly grew from producing light fittings and chandeliers to launching the collection of Notte Fatata in 2008 to meet babies and children wildest fantasies, but at the same time, staying true to the brand’s character and style.

So a fantasy was born for kids of all ages. But before they dream about running kingdoms and being saved by knights on white horses though, babies come first, and they can be welcomed into this world in an equally fantasy-like nursery room.

The Nursery

The Cribs, Cots & Moses Baskets

And then… they grow up. And they start to dream. And create stories and fantasies and imagination booms. So they go one step further, and move into real life kingdoms where dreams come to life.

The Boys Room

The boys rooms are all about natural colours and elegant vibes.

The Girls Room

The girls rooms are what princesses dream of when they picture their enchanted castles.


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