Editor’s Guide to The Hague: Getaway With Kids #2

The summer is over, and we are soon returning to our homes, slowly. Or is it still holiday for us there too? Well, even though the kiddo will start going back to daycare, I still feel that living in The Hague feels like a never ending holiday. From the endless beach, to the dunes and coast lines, ice-cream shops open during winter time, forest parks, playgrounds, sea life museums, interactive book stores, animal farms, miniature cities, rose gardens and sooo much more, it all sounds like another holiday destination that any kid would love. Yup, that’s actually where we live, and this makes this piece so much more exciting because I have been to each and every single place, cafe, park, beach, terrace and shop so I will have both the insights and the “what to avoid” stuff! So welcome to our second Getaway with Kids in The Hague, Netherlands.

After one year of living in The Hague, I have come to realise that it is probably one of the most children friendly cities I have been to. Everything seems to be custom made for families with kids- from clothing stores to supermarkets and city cafes. But this shouldn’t come as a big surprise considering that an average family in The Netherlands has at least two kids!! It’s usually three. So I’m quite an exception running around with JUST ONE KID in the back of my bike.

And it probably looks oh so boring to them when they don’t see me hustle with seating them or taking them out of their back seats. Anyways, derailing from the main point again. The Hague really IS the place to be with kids, and here are my favourite places to go, see, visit and eat while you’re there!

So buckle up, and join us in The Hague adventure!

 1.  Hart Beach Scheveningen

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague




If you’re into surf, or are a wannabe surfer mom (sounds really cool!), this is the place for you! Hart Beach is located right on the Scheveningen coast line, and is a mix of surf, honest food, rock and roll and good vibes, all year round. It’s a place to gather the whole family at and explore everything related to surf since 1971, enjoy the best(!!!) nachos in the world, organise events, or simply relax  in the sun with some cool, island music in the background.

Moreover, you can indulge in the surf gear range offered in the Hart Beach surf shop, with Quicksilver and Roxy as the main partners (hint: Quicksilver has the most adorable sneakers and swim pieces for little boys!). If you want to learn how to surf you can always book a lesson or more at the Hart Beach surf school, and the best part is that your kids don’t have to sit and watch – the school offers surf camps for kids aged 6-12!

Visit their website to find out more!

Address: Strandweg 3b, 2586JK Scheveningen

2.  Greens Restaurant & Garden 

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague

On the former miniature golf course in Westbroekpark in The Hague lies Greens, a unique combination of an organic restaurant and a care vegetable garden that both adults and kids can enjoy and explore on a lazy Saturday with no plans. The restaurant is all about tasty coffee and honest, organic, delicious foods, and is also a wonderful place for events, business meetings and even dates. (hashtag #wink).

The really nice part is also that it is located right next to the Westbroekpark, with plenty of playground fun points for the little ones just at your sight, so if they run out of patience, you can just let them run wild at the fun park while you enjoy your lunch and coffee.

Visit their website to discover more about this magical nature place!

Address: Kapelweg 18, 2587 BM 

 3.  Children Book Museum

Discover, Believe, Make

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague

The Children’s Book Museum of The Hague aims to introduce children to the Dutch children’s literature in a playful way and to show how enriching and inspiring stories are. The Children’s Book Museum, together with the Literature Museum, is part of the Dutch Literature Museum and Literature Archive Foundation (Stichting NLL). The museum is for pretty much everyone, with little exhibitions aimed at all ages: I am Frog (0-6 years), ABC with the animals (2-6 years) or Papiria (7 +). But the Children’s Book Museum is also fun for adults: for example, you can learn about children’s literature and see beautiful original book illustrations.

Visit their website for more info about the museum!

Address: Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE

4.  The Hague Dunes & Cafe


5. The Ice Cream Shop


With no doubt, the best ice cream shop in town, and “just our luck” for it to be located right across our house. All we need to do is put on our shoes (or take them off, in my son’s view), and go get refreshed with the most delicious ice-cream flavours. I particularly love the cookies and vanilla, while Sasha is crazy about the yoghurt, mango and pineapple ones. And the great part is that it’s located right next to the woods, and also next to a playground, so you can head there after getting your energy level up. We love to go there when the kids are off from school or daycare, because we love the atmosphere and the vibe of the kids running around and sneaking in to pick their flavours.

With no doubt, our top activity on a hot summer day. But don’t worry, you can also enjoy it in the cold season, because that’s what Dutch people do so the shop is open all the time. Yay for the kiddos!


6. Scheveningen Beach 

If you’re lucky to find yourself in The Hague on a nice, sunny day, and you don’t really feel like taking up any activity in particular and just want to hit the beach, it’s totally worth it: next to The Pier, there’s a long beach walk alley filled with cafes and fish restaurants, but mainly, a wide, large beach with fine sand and lots of space to roam and play around and just be a child. Just perfect for a chill afternoon outdoors.

7. Le Petit Quartier

Our favourite place to be! Le Petit Quartier is perfect for breakfast, lunch, a coffee break or a Sunday brunch! Or, in our case, for the daily dose of ice cream and Babyccino! What, you don’t know what a Babyccino is? It’s a baby’s version of a cappuccino… hot milk with milk foam and mini coloured marshmallows on top! It tastes just as good as it looks and by the way… it’s “on the house” for all kids that roam around LPQ!

You can enjoy a wide range of homemade sweets, sandwiches and salads, irresistible ice cream or a nice glass of wine every day of the week!

You can visit their website here.

Address: Van Hoytemastraat 96, 2596ET Den Haag

 8.  Westbroekpark Rosarium & Terrace

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague



Westbroekpark is one of the most beautiful parks in The Hague, and also one of our favourites since we have discovered it. The park was created during the 1920s according to a design by Pieter Westbroek. When the weather is nice (which doesn’t happen all too often, but summertime is pretty good), it becomes one of youngsters’ and families’ place to be to enjoy a game of soccer and a picnic. One of the park’s highlights is the colourful rose garden, as is the romantic tearoom where you can enjoy high tea or rent a rowing boat. We took a boat trip once with Sasha and it was quite an adventure, but came back after 15 minutes because…kids. Children can play for hours on the playing field, run around wild and free and also enjoy the 300 varieties of roses in the garden.
There are also playgrounds and restaurants around, which makes it the ideal place for a full weekend day, which offers so many possibilities of fun. If you get hungry, the Rosarium Wokrestaurant Westbroekpark offers an Oriental wok buffet with fresh produce for both lunch and dinner.
You can visit their website here.
Address: Kapelweg 35, The Hague

  9.  Madurodam

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague
You’re in Holland but don’t have enough time to see everything you wanted in a few days? Well, the miniature theme park Madurodam is an interactive park perfect for the entire family and the ultimate place to discover what makes Holland so unique within a short period of time. It shows you all the relevant Dutch stories behind the miniature buildings through multimedia and numerous interactive installations. Canal houses, tulip fields, cheese market, a wooden shoes factory, windmills, the Peace Palace, the Delta Works: you will find them all in Madurodam!
Your kids can discover Niew Amsterdam, Orange Mania, mix their own beats, print their mini copies, play with water (oh yeah!), discover all about trains and airplanes, generate wind energy, manage port traffic or simply go wild in the playgrounds! How exciting does all this sound? Your kiddos will be hyped for sure!
You can visit their website here.
Address: George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ

 10.  SEA LIFE Scheveningen

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague

Which sea creatures do you love the most? Magnificent Sharks, colourful Clownfish or perhaps inquisitive Sea Turtles? Or do you prefer playful rays? Maybe you simply can’t decide! At SEA LIFE you can see it all, and your kids will be over their heads with excitement about staring into sharks’ eyes and discovering their favourite cartoon person Nemo, learn more about turtles and dangerous piranhas, and meet the friendly otters and penguins in their lovely habitat.

The indoor attraction also offers a varied outing for families with children aged from around 3 -11, even if it rains or the weather is bad in The Hague. Kids can watch the animals being fed each day and during the school holidays there are extra children’s activities that can be attended free of charge. Located on the boulevard at Scheveningen, SEA LIFE is perfect for combining with a visit to the beach. That way, you’ll turn a day away into a real sea day! There are also feeding times for all kinds of sea creatures, as well as an underwater tunnel and a touch pool.
You can visit their website here.
Address: Strandweg 13, 2586 JK

 11.  Pancakes Mania

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague
Paviljoen Malieveld has been located at Malieveld in The Hague since 1941 and is known far and wide for its delicious ‘poffertjes’, pancakes and Old Dutch waffles. The pavilion is also highly suitable for a light lunch or extensive afternoon tea. When the temperature is pleasant the terrace is open and you can enjoy a snack or a drink outside. Paviljoen Malieveld is surrounded by a conservatory where the sun’s rays can still be enjoyed on cooler days.
You can visit their website here.
Address: Paviljoen Malieveld, Koekamplaan 6, 2594 AA

 12. ‘t Waaygat City Farm

realmomster editor getaway with kids the hague
‘t Waaygat City Farm  is located on Havenkade in Scheveningen and was started in 1978. Havenkade once had a canal, where the farm, a school and children’s gardens now exist. Cows, sheep, guinea pigs and sheep wander around the farm. There is a play garden for the youngest children. Children are welcome to pet or hold the animals and there is even a special opportunity to stroke the guinea pigs. Children can sit with a basket of guinea pigs on their laps to ensure that they can be stroked gently and safely. There is also an opportunity to brush the animals and they are fed every afternoon.
The best part is- when the kids are tired of petting animals and getting all educated, they can go jump around and play at the playground within the farm.
Address: ‘t Waaygat City Farm, Havenkade 75, 2586 TW

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