Five-Year Old Genius Surprises Ellen DeGeneres with a Trump Hint

realmomster ellen degeneres genius trump
When he locates Trump over Russia, it’s just too much.

The five-year-old geography wizard, Nate Seltzer, was invited on the famous Ellen DeGeneres couch to show off his uber-impressive cultural skills about the globe. And besides his geographical knowledge, he also proved he has a catchy sense of humour and a great understanding of current events.

While Nate was showing and explaining his map drawings of different parts of the globe, Ellen came upon a weird figure of what was supposed to be Russia and asked what was drawn upon it. “It’s really funny,” Nate whispers,”TRUMP!” He then made a “Oh Snap!” face, that was even more adorable due to how we had drown Trump – as a tiny, little black monkey.

Hilarious! Watch the full video below:

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