Ford’s Robotic Crib Is Just Like a Car Ride for Your Baby

realmomster ford max motor robotic crib
Does your baby only fall asleep during a car ride around town at 1 AM? Are you getting up in your PJs to go drive on the highway every 2 nights to soothe your crying bundle of joy? I know that feeling, and we’ve been there too in the first two months with our son. Didn’t matter how late it was, or how cold or hot outside… Every time we would put him in his car seat and drive around, he would calm down from every colic crisis and just sleep “like a baby”, if that’s even a thing anymore. So this is exactly what Ford did, and I am tempted to think that it was invented by a parent, who knows the struggle is real!

Well now you can get the same effect in the comfort of your own bedroom, or your baby’s nursery, thanks to this new Ford MAX Motor Dreams created by Ford’s Spanish division. The crib is basically a robotic bassinet that mimics the soothing and lulling wonders of a car ride.

realmomster ford max dreams crib

realmomster ford max motor crib

The new MAX Motor Dreams features a restrained engine noise machine, gentle movements imitating a car ride and LED lights that stimulate streetlights. And in order to sync your baby’s nap preferences, there is also an app that tracks the sights, sounds and movements in your actual car, which you can then reproduce for the Ford crib. And if that’s too technological for you, all you need to know is that you will kind of have a small car inside your own bedroom, which will keep you baby calm and hopefully asleep.

Take a look at how it works in the video below:

Convinced yet? I have to say it sounds oh so amazing to me if I ever had a baby again.

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