Women’s Day Brand Crush: Francis & Henry Will Make you Fall In Love with Their Mama Bundles

March is just around the corner, and in celebration of International Women’s Month, we are pleased to introduce you to our first Brand Crush dedicated to Women and Mothers that we are loving ourselves: meet Francis & Henry, a mothers-devoted boutique label that aims to transform women’s pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience into an unforgettable, feminine, chic season of their lives through luxuriously beautiful mother-and-baby essentials.

Launched in 2016, Francis & Henry is devoted to helping women not only look but also feel good about themselves, particularly in this rewarding, yet challenging moment of their journey as new mothers.

Becoming a mother is the most transforming experience in every woman’s life – it’s the moment we stop being just women, and start a completely new and unknown chapter in our lives. It’s an incredible, exciting, moving, unique, life-changing and extremely rewarding new adventure, in which we discover ourselves again a little more each day – from the way we look, to what we like, how long our patience stretches or…how many glasses of red wine we can actually make disappear in one night (moms will know what I’m insinuating here).

It does not come without challenges, moments of doubt, stretch marks or exhaustion though, and we love how they’re all worth it when we look at the little bundles of joy smiling back at us. However, the last weeks of pregnancy and the first months after giving birth, our body is going through a tough time – boobs explode, belly grows alarmingly, milk drops and nursing breaks make for regular denim jackets to be out of question

But this is actually a time we realise how powerful and invincible we are as Women – and I believe it’s something that should be celebrated every day, especially now with the occasion of Women’s Day!  Coming across a brand that is supporting pregnant and new moms in finding that balance between being incredible, inspiring women and great moms by mixing comfort with style is so refreshingly amazing, and I can only further support them in spreading their love message to all new moms out there.

                                                    Francis & Henry. Inspired by babies. Designed for moms, by moms.

Needless to say how I fell in love with Francis & Henry the moment I came across their beautiful Mama Bundles – a gift set with delicate, yet practical pieces for pregnant, nursing and new moms, carefully designed to make moms feel cared for, comfortable, feminine, and, well… loved. Because what can be more priceless than the feeling of being looked after every moment of the day, while you are yourself busy caring for another human being.

Delivered to you in beautiful gift boxes, these special bundles are meant to help women not only look but also feel good about themselves in this rewarding yet challenging moment of their journey as moms.

Realmomster Francis & Henry Mama Bundle


The perfect, luxurious gift for you or your favorite Mommy-to-be

Whether you offer it to your best friend to enjoy during her hospital stay, or to yourself for nursing your newborn at home, these Mama Bundles include everything you need to feel beautiful, attractive and comfortable while going through all the changes that come with new motherhood.

THE NURSING DRESS is such a luxuriously soft and stretchy garment, and makes for the perfect comfy lounge dress for packing in your hospital-bag. Thanks to its deep V-neck that pulls down for easy breastfeeding and skin-to-skin, plus its relaxed fit that adjusts to all body shapes, this pieces is simply perfect for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

THE LONG JERSEY CARDIGAN has pockets and a belt and is such a feminine, luxuriously soft loungewear essential that you can lounge around the house all day, while breastfeeding, cooking, playing with the other kids or taking out the dog in the garden. So versatile and multi-purpose!

THE LOULOU SWADDLE BLANKET is OH MY GOD the most heavenly soft bamboo-organic cotton muslin wrap in the most adorable print you have seen! It’s lightweight, breathes well and helps to regulate baby’s body temperature. The flagship design of the swaddle featuring the balloon print on it is an all time favourite and was hand-drawn by the founder herself, Aleksandra!

The first thing you notice with each Mama Bundle set is how it gets delivered to you! Each set is hand wrapped and comes with an illustrated card for your own personalized message to the new Mama you are offering it to. It makes for such a unique gift idea, that each mom will appreciate dearly!


Photographer: Merette Kuijt (@merettekuijt; merettekuijt.nl )

Discover all the beautiful baby and mama essentials on Francis & Henry!

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