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Hello Realmomsters and welcome to our new rubric on REALMOMSTER Mag: Getaway with Kids! Wait what? If it’s a “getaway” isn’t it supposed to be “away” from the little monsters? Well, not really! Our new summer guide to some of the most beautiful, children-friendly locations and activities around the world! From clear-blue beaches and white sands, to picnic spots, jeep safaris and water parks, our getaway reviews will be filled with fun for kids and relaxation for parents. And given that it’s still summer for at least another month, what better way to indulge into some reading after the kids are off to bed, than a story about where to go on vacation next!

Our first stop: Ibiza, Spain. When you hear Ibiza, you may probably hear PARTY. But this Balearic island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, not to mention chic hotels, amazing villas and delicious food. So why not make a great getaway with kids, where you can still enjoy your Margaritas and the little ones can have the time of their lives.

Here are some of the fun things to enjoy in Ibiza:

1. Beach-ing with Kids

Ibiza has around 80 beaches, so there’s plenty to choose from. But given you’re not on a skinny-dipping slash topless slash yacht party kind of vacay, you might want to go for a more quiet and relaxing place for the kids.

Cala Leña Beach (Cala Llenya)

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

Located in Santa Eulalia, the Cala Llenya is a quiet beach with a wide curve of white sands in a valley of sloping pines. Popular for families, with plenty of picnic spots under the pine trees, as well as restaurants and beach bars in case you haven’t come prepared. Paths lead from the beach around the cliffs if you want to take a walk, but if you want, you can also spend a whole day immersed in the turquoise waters.

What to do? Paddling, Snorkelling, riding a pedalo, swimming in clear, shallow waters

Where? 10 minutes drive from San Carlos, the North East of the island

Las Salinas, Playa d’en Bossa

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

Named after the salt lakes in the South of the island, this mile-long crescent of sand in the southernmost tip of the island is bordered by a small pine forest and is the ideal place to combine music from the beach bars with relaxing activities for the kids. Possibly one of the most iconic of all Ibiza beaches, Las Salinas is a real gem: a mix between white beaches and spectacular salt flats, DJ spins and dancers parades.

What to do? Water sports, catamarans, surf, hiking, jet skiing, water slides.

Where? 10 minutes drive from Playa d’en Bossa or Ibiza Town

Cala Bassa

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

Cala Bassa boasts some of the clearest, cleanest water you’ll ever see in Ibiza and the softest golden sand – it’s enough to make you think you’ve escaped the Med (not that you’d want to!) and made it to Thailand.

Large rock formations on either side of the beach are a constant reminder however, of the rocky and rustic terrain of Ibiza and popular with dare devil rock jumpers, while plenty of trees around the beach provide shade for those sensitive to sun, perfect for picnics and family days out. You can enjoy the restaurants within the Cala Bassa Beach Club: Chiringo, CBbC, a Sushi Restaurant and a snack bar, as well as shops and boutiques, massage spots and DJ music all day long.

What to do? Pedalos, banana boat, jetski

Where? On the west coast of the Island,  10 minute drive from San Antonio and 20 minute drive from Ibiza town.

2.  Eating with Kids

When it comes to restaurants, Ibiza has become renowned for some of the most stylish and delicious spots. Whether a simple beach side lunch or a sophisticated candle lit dinner, you need to keep in mind that some places just won’t suit small, fidgety children that won’t stand still for a minute. Yep, we would all want to enjoy lunched that go on all afternoon, but with small kids that don’t get the allure of sitting down for hours, we need to find the perfect balance.

Lazy Lunches at Cala Bonita

A tiny, private paradisiacal cove surrounded by rocky cliffs, lush green foliage and incessant views of the Mediterranean Sea, S’Estanyol beach is a fiercely guarded local’s secret, and the home of hip Ibiza beach restaurant, Cala Bonita.

An ideal spot to keep everyone happy: a Sunday lunch at Cala Bonita right on the idyllic S’Estanyol beach. The restaurant offers all sorts of activities and games for the little ones, allowing you to sip another glass of your favourite rosé on the terrace. Best for parents with fidgety kids under 8, where everyone can enjoy themselves.

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza realmomster getaway with kids ibiza


3. Beach Clubbing with Kids

You can’t go to Ibiza and not go to a beach club- they are just too tempting, too luxurious and not to be missed! Of course going to one requires some planning in advance, as often you need reservations for the most popular ones.

El Chiringuito

Serving amazing, simple, great tasting food in a stylish and soft loving environment. A beach-chic venue for the fashionable in-crowd, situated at Es Cavallet Beach in the south of Ibiza. Since the opening in 2009, El Chiringuito has become one of the island’s top beach eateries. This luxurious beach restaurant & beach club is a triumph of white décor plus bleached wood with a beachfront collection of sun beds as well as a stylish lounge featuring cushy sofas.

The beach club offers breakfast, while lunch is a fancier affair with a mix of Mediterranean specialties from the head chef Jèrome Palayer. And the best part? Little Chiringuito! The ideal place to combine relaxation for adults and fun for your little ones. Little Chiringuito is a space within the beach club where the kids can draw, paint, make bracelets, play in the sand and enjoy their time with other little people, while mommy and daddy sip a glass of white wine.

How amazing does this sound?? Book your table here.

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

Pura Vida Beach Club

Pura Vida on the beautiful Niu Blau beach, with its creamy sun beds and big lounges, is the perfect location for a bottle of champagne or a cocktail. This is certainly the best hotspot on Ibiza’s East Coast.  Jetsetters who are on the island only for the weekend or local families, the Pura Vida offers what it pleases for everyone: a fine establishment for quality-dining or a casual restaurant for the whole family.

And although the perfect place for adults, the beach club offers everything to make the whole family happy. The Pura Vida Management is aware that parents sometimes need a time-out to relax a little, so they offer child care on Fridays from 2pm to 5pm. Protected from the sun, the kids can play and draw and can get lovely face paintings if they like, maybe they love butterflys, tigers or pirates? Of course, also outside these times, we also provide children’s menus that the little ones will love and a family-friendly environment. Surely there is ice-cream too!

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

And what makes the Pura Vida especially family-friendly is the fact that our restaurant is located DIRECTLY on the beach. This means that the children can play in the sand, while the adults can always keep a watchful eye on their little ones, while taking a well-deserved break. For those who have never been here: the terrace of our restaurant leads with a step to the beach and the water is only a few meters behind: optimal conditions. We also offer sun beds with umbrellas so that the little ones can play while being protected from the sun. On the Niu Blau beach there are a lot of families with kids, so maybe your visit at Pura Vida will be the beginning of a new friendship!

Book your day here.

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

4. Playing with Kids

What is there better than…playtime? Nothing, as all your kids will tell you. Yes they enjoy the beach and the occasional fancy but friendly beach club, but what they truly search for is adventure. In all forms. There are thousands of ways you can entertain your kiddos of all ages in the comfort of your villa or hotel pool, but if you’re feeling brave and want to step up your game, there are so many activities you can embark on in Ibiza. From horse back riding, to waterparks, stand up paddling and parasailing, we have round up couple of our favs.

Horse Riding in the Countryside


If your children have never had a chance to try horseriding, this is a great way to ease them into it – and also join in yourselves, whether you have any experience or not. As well as sessions for adults,  Active Ibiza offers a kids’ package where basic tuition is provided in the paddock before a gentle trek on small horses, with a maximum of four children in the group. The route through the interior of the island leads through fields and farmland.

Best for: Children over six.

Details: The kids’ package costs €50 (£43) for an hour – or €40 (£35) each for three or four children. Adult sessions last three to four hours and also cost €50 (£43) (

Find more about this here.



realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

For an unforgettable experience, try parasailing with Take Off Ibiza in San Antonio. Tandem and group flights are available so parents and children can do it together. You don’t need any experience as there is careful instruction beforehand. You soar high into the air, hanging from your parachute, as the speedboat zooms around the coast, taking in panoramic views of the island if you are brave enough to look down. The boat trip lasts around an hour and a half and is a thrill in itself, with about 15 minutes actually parasailing.

Best for: Teens, but a lot of younger children will enjoy this too.

Details: €80 (£69) for adults, €50 (£43) for children (

Water Park Fun

realmomster getaway with kids ibiza

While it is not state of the art, younger children in particular love Aguamar water park next to the new Hï club in Playa d’en Bossa. There are slides, chutes and tubes with varying shriek factors, as well as pools for all ages, play areas, lawns and plenty of sunbeds. You can take your own food to eat in the picnic areas – or just have lunch at one of the restaurants – and are allowed back in if you want to take a break on the splendid beach for an hour or two. It is easy to get there by bus from Ibiza Town if you don’t have a car.

Best for: Under 10s.

Details: €18 (£15) for adults and children over 12; €10 (£9) for under-12s (; book through


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