Perhaps you were the kind of person to use daily face scrubs and  masks, cut your hair every 6 weeks, have long soaking baths with fragrant oils and rose petals – ok maybe no petals-, or have regular massages and honey-wrapping at the spa. Well, since having a baby, all that seems kinda impossible. Or is it just me?
I`ve recently noticed that a lipstick that would before last up to 12 hours, is now wiped off in less than 3. I don`t really know what happens exactly, if my lips just dry out from thirst and fatigue, if I mistakenly wipe it on my baby`s clothes or if it is from to much “husssh-ing”. When I bought my “lucky 13” signature orange-reddish lipstick by YSL I had a revelation about how long it could last on my lips. I first put it on in an airport duty-free at 6 am while waiting for my plane, and when I got to my destination -around 5 pm- it was still as new on my lips. So I thought – This is the most perfect thing I have to have it. And it`s RED! Eating, drinking, talking, sleeping.. nothing wiped it off.

Nothing but THE BABY.

Make-up and babies are no go-go. Since I gave birth I kinda gave up on make-up completely. And it feels soooo good. It started in the first week of staying home with him, when I realized how well I actually feel “face-naked“. I used to wear a bit of foundation, some blush or bronzer, mascara, highlighter..all very natural, but you know- the “barely-there” makeup requires the hardest work.


However… a red lipstick that suits your skin color, your hair and your outfit is always a go-to when wearing bare face like I do. Especially this bomb YSL 13 one. But I must say, since I stopped putting on makeup, life got easier. And with a baby in house, it is completely unnecessary as it will be off in the first minutes due to kissing and smooshing and oh well, burping, changing, washing and so on.

Base line, if you have kids, better not try too hard to look perfect and obsess over the flawless wing of the eyeliner, the perfect shade of blush or the right amount of curls in your hair. Life`s too short for this. And you`ll end up all ruffled up anyway. 🙂

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