If I Could Choose Where to Quarantine it Would Be Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes

“Dearest guests,

In these unprecedented circumstances, our highest priority is to engage in the collective effort to protect everyone’s health and safety.

Following the guidance of the French Government, our hotel is closed until further notice. We will not fail to keep you informed as soon as we know the reopening date.

We hope to welcome you again very soon at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.”

This is the pop up notification I read when I opened Hotel du Cap’s website, in an attempt to foolishly see whether they were open in this period for locals who might live close by and would like to choose one of their rooms to isolate in. Of course the chances were significantly small, but it couldn’t hurt to try. And the answers was clearly NO. The South of France is to remain but a dream until further notice.

Does it make a difference in my dreams of being stuck there in this period? No. Do I still imagine myself locked there for 3 to 4 weeks in a row, sipping Margaritas by that famous pool and waking up to that view every morning? Yes.

Too late to make it a reality, but never too little to keep dreaming. From the moment the sun rises to well after it sets, this is where I dream of spending my quarantine days – I have not yet found a more dreamy destination (note: I have never spent even one night there and I am only talking from the point of view of somebody whose dreamiest holiday destination on the bucket list was this place). I have not yet decided the company I would have chosen to be stuck with though – but it would definitely involve my husband, right? Now the question is would I take the kid with us or not? I’m thinking could we maybe do it half-half? Like half of the time he would be there and then the other half he would be placed in the loving care of his grandparents?

Hmmm.. that’s some food for thought.

Where would you have quarantined at if you had the chance to choose?

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