John Legend and Adam Levine Change Diapers in Pampers’ Super Bowl Ad

No parent is keen on being on diaper duty when the baby makes a…. well, unpleasant duty. Except for, apparently, two of the hottest dilfs of Hollywood: John Legend and Adam Levine, who have decided to make moms go crazy with pleasure by partnering up with Pampers Pure for their latest Super Bowl commercial. In which, guess what, they actually change (or pretend to change) stinky diapers.

The “Stinky Booty Duty 2.0” ad is the sequel of last summer’s first part featuring John Legend and daughter Luna. Now it’s son Miles’ time to shine, or, in fact, get cleaned. While attempting to change a smelly diaper of Miles, John turns around and addresses an array of famous dads wearing their babies in the sling: “I’m going to need some back-up for this one – guys?”. The way Luna look sat her dad doing the ‘dirty job’ and the way she hands him a wet napkin is just as adorable as when another surprise comes along: Marron 5 front singer Adam Levine is handsomly murmuring a song to his little baby, promising her daddy will take care of her stinky diaper.

The campaign, Love the Change, is meant to celebrate hands-on dads and the changes that come with having kids.

“Luna is my best audience and biggest fan, so obviously I had to write a song for when I’m on diaper duty,” John Legend wrote on his post when sharing the commercial on his Instagram. “Sing it with me now . . . ”

Oh, we will, John, we so will!

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