Keep Your Most Treasured Memories Safe with the Minimalist Baby Book

I have recently come across the best Christmas gift that I have offered to a new mom this past December. A personalised, meaningful, yet chic and classy present that will be loved by both the parents, and the kids when they grow up. A ‘little’ something to keep safe your most treasured memories: the Minimalist Baby Book.

A modern, yet classic baby record book that covers the first five years of a child’s life. Filled with unique prompts, journal entries, spaces for photos and quick fill-in charts. There’s a place to remember each birthday, funny quotes and so much more- because all mothers know one thing: no matter how small or apparently insignificant, each little thing our babies do is worth remembering in some way or another!

Ever since we have discovered this little gem, we have saved it up for all new mammas in our life. Because what greater gift than a keepsake to all your most treasured memories with your little ones!

We sat down with founder of Tokki Goods, and mother of two, Christina Ketmayura, to learn more about her family business, her brands’ culture and future plans! Currently living in Atlanta, US with her husband and two children (ages 4 and 1), their life is fairly quiet and revolves around visiting new parks and trails and spending as much time outdoors and discovering new places to eat on the weekends.

When did you first feel like coming up with a minimalist product, something to collect memories in, that felt different, more simple, and aimed at parents that want to keep things simple?

I felt a growing tension in the gap I saw of beautifully curated, simple baby goods after I became a mother. It was my mission to work on products that would fill this gap. I felt that the Minimalist Baby BookTM was a perfect first product because it really represented my vision to create a product that not only added beauty, but value into the lives of parents and their children. These books are created to last generations. It’s not a passing fad, but something that any parent and child could treasure for a lifetime.


To whom is the Minimalist Baby book addressed?

The Minimalist Baby BookTM is for parents who want to have a physical artifact to pass down to their children. It’s designed for you to be able to collect all the most treasured memories of the child’s first years in a very straightforward fashion. I believe there is something so uniquely special about a child seeing their parents’ handwritten notes and letters addressed to them. It’s personal and shows so much intentionality and love.


What’s the most special thing about the Minimalist Baby Book?

I think the most special thing about the Minimalist Baby BookTM is that you can make it what you want for your child. When creating this book, I imagined it being filled and having coffee stains and wrinkled pages. As the book gets written in, I see it developing character and a life of its own – a treasure to be passed down from parent to child.

There are easy prompts to help you write down specific memories, but there are also just open ended pages and blank pages to fill as you wish. I want parents to feel the joy in remembering and writing down all the special moments that can be so easily forgotten. I tell parents all the time not to feel like it has to be filled out perfectly, just with lots of love.


How did you actively start the project, who helped you in the process?

My husband was my biggest champion. After having my second child, I was in a slump and struggled with postpartum anxiety, but he never gave up on me or my dreams. We decided he would take a one month unpaid sabbatical from work to spend time with the children. It was a big sacrifice but definitely worth it. During that time, I worked tirelessly to bring the book to life and worked on my own personal health.


What did you find most difficult in the process of actually doing it?

I think the most difficult part of this whole process has been to stay encouraged. Owning a business means you face a lot of rejection, but you have to find the strength to keep going. I’ve found that once I could separate my identity of who I am from what I do, I have a lot more inner peace, but it’s still a daily challenge!


How do you manage to care for your two kids, your home, your marriage and your own business now? What is your recipe for balancing (if you have one…) it all? Please do share. 🙂

Balancing motherhood, marriage and work is constantly a moving puzzle. I think with each child, it took me a good year after they were born to gather my bearings and reorganize my life to fit the current state of our family. I think first and foremost, I had to learn to show myself grace for those seasons when it seemed like I was not productive at all. I had to learn that just learning to keep my head above water was okay and even that was something to be proud of.

Even still, I am on a endless journey of discovering myself as a mother. I realized, after staying home with my oldest, that I was happier if I had some work or something different to do in addition to watching my daughter. Currently, I do freelance graphic design work (to help with bills) and run this business on the side. The children are in school three days a week and during those days I do all my work, meal planning, groceries and yoga. Yoga seems like a luxury but it’s an absolute necessity for me to keep up my energy and also give my mind space to calm down.


Any exciting plans for the future of Tokki Goods?

I’ve definitely been trying to be so intentional about the next products we bring to life. It’s been a balance of time/energy and resources. Another passion of mine has been painting and we are tossing around the idea of producing some limited edition prints for a nursery or even the home. It’s honestly still so up in the air as I try to wade through all the ins and outs of starting a business. 🙂

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