Launching in Matching YOLKE Girl Pyjamas In Our Holiday

I don’t know about you, but over the past 3 years since I became a mom, I have a newfound respect for pyjamas. Night shirts. Breezy dresses that are fit for bed and also out of bed. Loungewear sets that can give me a soft good night sleep, but that can easily take me for coffee ice cream in the morning and not requesting me to change outfits. You know what I mean, that bedwear-meets-streetwear set that is very likely to become my best friend.

And then when I think leopard print as my best loungewear buddy, things are all set. And here comes YOLKE Girl, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for all this time! With my nice little leopard print set in cotton, my son’s LiTTLE leopard PJ to match me, and an exotic view during our holiday, I can say I have all the ingredients for a stay in paradise. On Saturday morning we woke up covered in balloons in our king sized bed after a long night celebrating daddy, brushed our teeth and face, and headed straight for breakfast – which, as every day, happened on a terrace overlooking the sea, the pools, the palm trees, and over a music symphony of unknown birds that are probably just as excited as we are to be there.

When it comes to breakfast, we love routines – it’s always scrambled or soft-boiled eggs, toast, pancakes with strawberries and honey and fresh orange juice. Add one or two coffees for mom and dad, with a side of fruit salad, and some Mexican music on the background, and you have our recipe for heaven.


You can imagine how we have turned everyone’s heads while heading for breakfast and received so many questions on our feline matching PJs, which made my son (and myself) so proud and full of ourselves. Note: he was walking like a leopard, and I was sipping my coffee – which by the time I got to drink eat was long cold-.


Now I know I have found that one place where luxury sleepwear meets streetwear and I don’t have to think about what I am going to wear after getting out of bed – but rather, where will my PJs take me today…

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