Russian supermodel and momzy of three, Elena Perminova, had us all dropping our jaws when she shared today a super hot pic of her baby bump next to her post-baby-bump full figure just two months after giving birth. The model stripped of for Vogue Russia to show off and inspire women with her incerdible post-pregnancy figure.
The aim behind her nude and not-so-nude but super hot pics she posts on her Instagram page is to encourage new moms to stay fit and pretty before, during, and most importantly -after pregnancy. And she definitely proves us it is possible. And it is fun. And it is recommended if you want to be a hashtag milf. Hoping no young kids are reading this but oh well.

The 28-year-old, who is married to Russian millionaire businessman Alexander Lebedev, started a gruelling 7-days-a-week exercise regime just two weeks after having her third baby by Caesarian last year – sharing pics on Instagram as she went.

Her Vogue photoshoot was accompanied by advice to Russian women on how to reclaim their figures after pregnancy.


” Found in the archives one of my mostly life-asserting photos, made for @voguerussia and posting it for the first time with the idea to bear up young mommies: happy maternity (including the breast-feeding) never stops from keeping fit! Love your body, take exercises even if you may be lazy. On the left: the photo made 2 weeks before the baby birth, on the right – 2 months after.”

If this isn`t motivating enough, I don`t know what is. Seeing a beautiful mommy`s body in all its splendour can only make you wanna get up from that couch, throw the potato chips that you`re indulging in just because you`re preggo or still not fit yet, and get yourself toned, fit and hot. Cause this is who we are, the #realmomsters.



Elena told Vogue: ‘Normally doctors say “yes” to sport only three months after giving birth. ‘But I started earlier, just two weeks afterwards, even though I had a Caesarian.’

She added: ‘The doctor allowed me to do it because I felt very well. Naturally, at first I was not exercising a lot, or there was a risk to breastfeeding.

‘And the main thing – I did not exercise my stomach. It is dangerous to do it right after birth.’ She started off with simple repetitive exercises as her daughter Arina slept.



The supermodel also took a family holiday as an opportunity to work on her figure: ‘For the first time, my husband and I went jogging. Every morning we went to the mountains for couple of hours while my mother or mother-in-law were taking care of the baby. Of course there was nothing glamorous in our looks – sweating and tired, we ran on stones, flies landing on our faces, and the sun was shining. But it was jogging which helped me get rid of extra weight and ‘dry up’, removing the extra water in my body’.
It’s also worth noting that the supermodel also gives out such marital advice as taking a holiday alone, without the kids as ‘it seriously improves the atmosphere at home. The woman leaves her mummy image and becomes a seductress. Sasha [Alexander Lebede] and I can fly somewhere away just for three or four days, not longer, even to far the away Maldives.’


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