Luxurious Silk Festive Presents For the Mom In Your Life

With the festive season in reach, we are starting to make endless presents lists and collecting inspiration for what to gift those special ones in our lives. And besides our kiddos, the number one stop should be: ourselves. Because, as the saying goes, “happy mom, happy home”… Or… “happy wife, happy life”? Whichever it is, one thing is for sure: when the mom of the house is happy, content and well-slept, everything else falls into place. So what better gift than luxurious silky accessories to improve the quality of an 8-hour beauty sleep?

Apart from the traditional pyjama sets, silk is an essential part to our beauty regimen – especially when it comes to sleep. And businesses now are all into innovative pillowcases, sleep masks and other sleep accessories in ultra soft and hypoallergenic silk, providing gentle surfaces for our skin at night and ideal for reducing irritation and preventing the friction that can lead to wrinkles. Not to mention the hair, too! Everybody knows that especially curly hair is best rested on silk pillowcases, and best kept tied up with chic scrunchies and hair wraps which help combat damage and reduce split ends and frizz.

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom

SLIP Silk Pillowcases & Eye Masks


Slip creates pillowcases with a difference. Each one is woven entirely from hypoallergenic mulberry silk that, instead of tugging at delicate skin, prevents sleep creases and stretching that can cause premature aging. The smooth surface is also gentle and non-drying on hair, meaning your blow-out will last longer.


Slip’s silk pillowcases come in a vast range of colours and claim to absorb significantly less face cream than cotton pillowcases, meaning your expensive anti-ageing creams stay precisely where they should – on your face. They also reduce friction or “drag” on both hair and skin for minimal damage whilst you sleep.

Slip embroidered silk Queen pillowcase, $85, on

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom

And what can be better than sleeping on a Slip Silk pillowcase? Wearing a luxurious SLIP Silk Eye Mask at the same time, so that your sleep is not interrupted by any dim light from outside.

Slip Silk Eye Mask in baby-pink, on

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom

Olivia Von Halle Silk Kimono

Coming home from evenings partying with friends, she would long to ditch her sky-high heels and constricting outfits for something glamorous enough to enjoy a gin and tonic in before sliding off to bed. Inspired by the lounging pyjamas worn by Coco Chanel and her contemporaries in the 1920s, she started work with her tailor to design the perfect pair of pyjamas.

Crafted using the finest 19 Momme silk, the Mimi Oyster robe is beautifully cut with kimono proportions. Designed with a fit that’s effortless and endlessly chic, the Mimi will provide an instant wardrobe update.

Mimi Oyster Short Silk Kimono, Eur 470, on

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom

Nika Eyemask: The Olivia von Halle silk eyemask is the perfect accompaniment to any one of our opulent nightwear sets. Fully reversible in a complimentary block colour it features light padding, a generously gathered silk elasticated strap and comes in a fully-lined drawstring pouch, making it as perfect for the bedroom as it is for a long-haul flight.

Nika Eyemask, Eur 95, on

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom

Holistic Silk Hair Scrunchie

Retrospective haircare 2018 style.  This super stylish and smooth 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchie won’t snag or catch.  Combined with their Pure Silk Pillowcase this little wonder will bring you total hair bliss for you to arise kink free in the morning and keep hair under control in the day.

Pure Silk Scrunchie, $13, on

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom

Silke London Hair Wraps

Silke London‘s hair wrap keeps your style intact overnight, so you won’t have to spend time fixing it in the morning. This ‘Sofia’ style is made from pure silk that protects from damage caused by rough linens. It’s designed to reduce breakage, eliminate frizz and maintain condition from root to tip, all while you’re asleep.

Silke London The Sofia Hair Wrap, Eur 53, on

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom

YOLKE Silk Pyjamas

Taking cues from men’s styles, this classic set in Marshmallow is designed for a relaxed silhouette. Cut in 100% silk with a hint of stretch, this set features a rounded revere collar matched with easy drawstring trousers. Finished with shell buttons, this set is contrasted with elegant black trimming. A true luxury staple, perfect for bespoke monogramming.

Yolke Marshmallow Pyjama Set, Eur 330, on

Realmomster silk festive gifts for mom



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