With Beyoncé`s highly anticipated album “Lemonade”  released this weekend on HBO, people have gone mad, wild, nuts, and probably had a meltdown over its magic, as expected. And so did we. So we dedicate this Monday to the Queen.
Unlike an ordinary music video, the artistic film strings together a series of songs and occasional voice-overs throughout the nearly one hour long collection of vignettes, each with a different emotional theme: Intuition, Anger, Forgiveness, Hope, Denial, Apathy, Emptiness, Reformation, Redemption etc.

Pic from “Lemonade” album

The fans were in awe due to the important cultural messages the album conveys, the stunning cinematography and symbolic imagery, for the powerful songs and personal lyrics in which B. reveals intimate details of her relationship with Jay Z, and of course, the incomparable fashion Beyoncé never fails to deliver.






However, Queen B.`s magic does not end with her sparkling career. She and 4-year-old daughter Blue Ivy are probably the cutest mommy-and-me style icons out there. Whether matching Converse sneakers and sunnies, bees stuck to their faces for Valentine` s Day, classy wedding style in white, chilling in jacuzzis or simply proving island style, the Carter girls are breathtakingly precious with every appearance.

Coldplay_ BlueIvy_MusicNews_750

I, for one, love this Monday.


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