Samantha having a cup of tea with her two daughters.




This Monday morning is a delushious one! My latest find on Instagram is Lee Samantha, whose delicious, creative and colorful food creations are a a true inspiration for mums out there trying to brighten up their children`s meals. “…a very talented artist and terrific mom!” (Rachel Ray Show)

Mother of two and culinary artist, Malaysian Samantha started creating food art back in December 2008 aiming to encourage her elder daughter to eat independently and adventurously and started sharing her artwork on Instagram back in 2011. Why have I discovered her only now, I wonder. Apparently kids are reason for starting up things and using your imagination to the fullest.

Her approach to food art is simple, imaginative and unique – with the help of simple things like vegetable, fruit, fish, bread and rice, she creates food artworks worthy a kids museum. Using only fresh and healthy ingredients, Samantha doesn`t believe in wasting food and “uses her artistic  abilities with food for the power of good…”, as Epicurious put it.

With almost 740k followers on Instagram, no wonder her irresistable creations have become an internet sensation. Find her as @leesamantha on Instagram, and if you want to know the exact ingredients she has used to create her every piece of art, follow her  Facebook account @ Lee Samantha. Perhaps your children will take food under a new perspective after trying this, and even enjoy it. Or at least eat it.

I, for one, can`t wait to try out my creative skills for…culinary purposes soon.



#ShareAMeal is the lastest project Samantha is currently taking part in. She has partnered with @Unilever USA in their “ShareAMeal campaign to raise awareness and fight child hunger. Every time you like or comment on her pictures, Unilever will donate one meal to @FeedingAmerica. 16 million kids (1 in 5) in America don`t know when their next meal is.

Let`s try and get as many meals as we can for a great cause. <3

Help Samantha help children.


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