Today`s fav mom is no other than fitness guru, wonderwoman, Hilaria Baldwin, also known for doing weird poses in weird places wearing weird outfits. Why we love her? She does everything. I mean, e-ve-ry-thing! And the Baldwin family is growing and growing. Just this month, 32-year old yogi announced on Instagram that she and husband Alec are expecting their third child together- a baby boy due this fall! Number THREE in less than three years! If this is not called boldness, than what is… #threeunderthree

The couple are already parents to 2-and-a-half year old daughter Carmen Gabriela and 8-month-old son Rafael Tomas, and who knows, perhaps they have even bigger plans than this! This doesn`t come as a surprise as Alec recently told press  : “I’m dying to have another child with my wife,” he said. “I love my wife more than anything. I love our family, I’m very happy. I’ve never been happier before in my life.”

Thing is, Hilaria is different. She`s like the female version of Superman. Or we could say Spiderman, given the positions she is trying all around the house everyday. Her favorite place is the kitchen and her favorite accessories are the kids, of course. And we can see this as she always takes care to share them on social media, to make us, humans, feel bad for not staying on our head with no arms, eating sushi from the fridge.

Her daring pictures always come with an inspirational message and the last one was her bold selfie in lingerie showing off her growing baby bump, saying :

“And we begin the journey again! #BaldwinBabyBump3 I posted belly photos every two weeks when I was pregnant with Rafa. I didn`t have the guts o do it the first time around with Carmen. The purpose? To show that we don`t need to be ashamed or hide the pregnant figure. These are common emotions in our society that elevates a thin body above all else. Being my third baby in three years, I am a true believer that our bodies are amazing, and we should celebrate them, rather than feel embarrassed until the baby weight is entirely gone. For both women and men: we create life…so let`s honor how we make these miracles. Every pregnancy is different, so we shall see what happens this time around, ready to take the journey with me? Deep breath, pressing “share”….#366daysoflivingclearly #HilariaLCM ”


Being an inspiration for women and mothers or expecting mothers everywhere, Hilaria is ready to take her beliefs and experiences to another level, as she is planning to write a book. In this pic on Instagram, her princess is apparently giving her verdict on mom`s recipes “Look who is happier!! She came to try the recipes I am testing for my book! #HilariaWritesABook “. As if it wasn`t enough yet. Now also a book.

Hilaria and daughter Carmen in the kitchen.

I wonder if she ever takes a break, and apparently she does, sometimes. Pfuhh.

The Baldwin family vegging.

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