Mondays are about women we love and today it`s all about Jeeeeeessica Biel. 35-year old actress, designer, restauranteur, wife (of handsome Justin Timberlake, that is), AND supermomster of one-year old baby boy Silas Randall Timberlake, knew how to exploit this role and created a children-friendly, one-of-a-kind, Los Angeles experience, where kids and parents can have fun at the same time and not leave exhausted and embarassed (we`re talking about the parents here): AU FUDGE (pronounced Oh Fudge!)
The place officially opened on March 4th, and Biel says about it that “My journey with Au Fudge began long before I became a mother,” says Jessica Biel. “I approached this business from the perspective of what someone without kids would want in their favorite restaurant.”

The crew of Au Fudge

But she wasn`t alone in this. Twenty years of making the boldest boldface names look good—and feel comfortable—at home, on the pages of magazines, and on the screen. Fashion stylist, decorator, and Hollywood woman-about-town, Estee Stanley, is the co-founder of the “clubhouse” and is inviting people with kids to relax and the ones without kids to get drunk !!! @AUFUDGE.  Involved in the project are also author and producer Kimberly Muller, Barry’s Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez, Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop CEO Jonathan Rollo, and philanthropist Monica Saunders-Weinberg.

The marketplace includes baked goods, pastries and coffee from artisans, as well as table-ready take-out meals.

Estee got the idea for the place while her son was 2, and the only go-to places for kids`s birthdays or hangouts were noisy, unhealthy, crazy locals where they would only serve pizza or burgers and looked terrible. So she hoped for a place where children and parents are simultaneously happy, where they can get great, healthy organic meals and where they have the opportunity to chill, be creative and learn things at the same time. ” Au Fudge is like a country club or a hotel—there’s something for everyone.”, says Stanley.


Full-service bar includes a champagne-centric wine list

So how did Jessica become part of this concept? Her passion for baking delicious vegan, gluten-free cakes. She was baking these cakes for Estee`s son, Teddy, and was thinking to start The Ugly Cake Co., because all of her cakes were ugly. So she decided to combine Biel`s love for baking with the concept.

The proud owners (Jessica Biel and Kimberly Muller) showing off decadent desserts: ice-cream churros and the big berry mess sundae.

They tried to create a super cozy, warm and inviting place that feels like an extension of your home. As parents, you get stressed when you go somewhere, especially somewhere nice, you fear that someone`s going to give you the stink eye. So there, you don`t have to worry about it. And as a parent, you can go enjoy your day/ evening/ lunch without being interrupted becauseeeee – and this is the greatest part in any parent`s opinion- the kids have a separate space supervised by professional au pairs, where they can be creative, do arts and crafts and have fun by themselves.  (I wonder which is the age that they start accepting kids there)

The playroom for kids, where creative workshops and classes, movie nights and special activities will be part of the everyday ebb and flow @ Au Fudge

So if you`re living in LA, take a day off and go try it out. It might be just the place for parents with kids, with no kids, big kids, young, noisy, crazy, hungry kids. Enjoy!


PHONE: 424 204 9228




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