“Mornings with…” is the new rubric on Realmomster and it`s the place where real life hot mums share their perspectives on all things motherhood. It`s new, it`s daring, its fun and most of all, it`s honest. Here is the first morning I`ve spent with one good-looking, hot mamma.
Catwalks, Cakes & Cats. The three C`s that describe her best.

Nicoleta Florescu, fashion blogger and designer, mother of a 12-year-old daughter Angie, may be a very close example of the “can we have it all” conundrum. Laid back, relaxed, stylish and always on top of things, Nico shares her perspective on parenting in style and on how important it is for us women to not lose sight of our femininity and our status as a wife and woman.

Because before being mothers, we are women.

  1. Children`s name/ age? 

Angie, 12. It`s actually Angelina but I usually prefer the short version so that  people don`t  assume I got it from Angelina Jolie. I actually found it in a dream. People kept asking me how I would name my daughter and I was waiting for a divine sign. And it came.

  1. How come you decided to become a mom at such a young age and what would you advise other young women that want to be young mothers?

In my case, motherhood came as a `surprise` rather than a plan. I was a student in acting school, planning to become a director on set. And what I thought was liver ache, turned  out to be a pregnancy. And it was the best thing. I would totally advise women to have children at a young age, when they can  get pregnant naturally and  recover in no time.  I think these are the two main advantages. Otherwise, the lack of life experience can make it hard for a young mum. You encounter so many new and confusing things you need to get done. My advice: relax, enjoy these moments cause they might not repeat. A relaxed mother will raise a happy, balanced child. You can`t stop him from walking just because he might get hurt. Don`t be scared that he might fall. Cause if he does, he will learn the lesson on his own skin.

  1. How would you describe your personal style and how has it changed since becoming a mom?

I love urban boho. Combined with hippie, etno and  bohemian elements. I used to think that mixing styles was cool, but as I grew up stylistically, I discovered my own style. It is important to find it so that you can chose clothes wisely and thus contour your own identity, and for that you must first discover yourself and your personality. But becoming a mom  hasn`t changed  my personal style and even though I gained  32 kilos , soon after giving birth I was back to my 51 kilos from before. No diet, just the advantage of a young metabolism. In the past I used to spend days, not hours, shopping –it was my favorite type of exercise. But not anymore. I don`t find it recreating at all. I spend one hour tops- and that includes coffee. 🙂

        4. As a fashionista and fashion blogger, what are your wardrobe essentials?

A perfect pair of jeans (ones that fit your figure perfectly, it`s very important!), white shirts, 2-3 message t-shirts, a good leather biker jacket, a pair of boots, statement heels, logo bag and sunglasses from the latest collections.  Everyone who knows me knows I have a little obsession for hats and sunglasses. I never miss any occasion to buy a new pair- be it a good brand or cheap ones. I just love them.




  1. What is your brand about and what was the impetus for starting your own business?

The clothing brand I have created many years ago with a good friend of mine came somehow naturally- back then I was working as a make-up artist and fashion assistant for shootings and Fashion Week. I had gotten the real feel and fell in love with the industry. So with him being a fashion designer, we decided to invest together in our own brand. Later on I got my style coach degree, and had nice projects up until the financial crisis in 2010 kind of put everything on hold. And when thing got back on track, I started my own business and brand. And I`m really glad I did it.


  1. As a busy working mom, what is your best advice for other working moms trying to strike that balance between work and family? What is your biggest challenge?

At the moment I wouldn’t call myself a working mum, as I try to be more of a wife and moher. I`m not judging workaholic mothers, but  no money could ever buy me back the time I did not spend with my husband or daughter. I am not a feminist and I believe a woman should discover her femininity and cultivate it every day. And I also think that love goes through the stomach. So I would advise every mom, no matter how young, to learn how to cook. Trust me, it`s a win. 😉

  1. What changes did you make in order to create quality time with your daughter, and what do you find yourself missing from before motherhood?

I have a very clear schedule every day. My working time is over at 4.30 pm every day, and no matter what business opportunities might appear after this hour, if they can`t be moved to the next morning, they`re not for me. After this hour, I am an exclusive mom and wife. I go grocery shopping, spend quality time with Angie, help her with homework, make dinner. Dinner is sacre in our family, and fresh all the time. I love the feeling I get from this. Some might call it old, I call it classic.  And if there is something I miss from before motherhood, it`s Angie. I wish I hadn`t lived so much without her.

  1. What are the top 5 advices you would give to young moms on how to bring up their kids in a friendly way?

A child needs attention- give it to him. But don’t confuse it with spoiling. A child needs protection- make him feel it. A child needs stability- work on that. A child needs love- always tell him you love him. A child needs to see you happy- and he will be too.

  1. What does your typical day look like?

I wake up before 7, get Angie ready and take her to school,  I come back and have breakfast with my husband, get dressed and walk out of the house by 9. And the rest you know.

  1. What is your beauty routine and secret? Have you thought hour daughter how to use make-up, hydrating creams or other beauty products yet? Is she into it?

I`ve spent a lifetime being ignorant with myself, counting on price rather than quality, using the wrong types of cosmetics for my skin..until one day when I realized years are not on my side anymore and I needed to take action. For starters I gave up any chemical products. I increased my water intake. I switched from cleansing napkins to homemade cleansing oils. I started to eat clean, homemade. As for Angie, she is not at all into beauty stuff. The only thing she ever asked for was a Perfect Curls device.

  1. What are the key items in your closet that you depend on?

To me, it`s all about being comfortable. No matter which brand, what price, what trend. Sometimes, all I need is a pair of jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt and a fur vest

  1. What are some of your favorite activities with your daughter? 

I wanted very much to make her discover the kitchen. So when we are not drawing or watching teen movies together, we love to bake stuff. The last thing we made was heart-shaped pizza for Valentine`s Day. And it was fun.


  1. What do you recommend to new moms who no longer have time in the morning to put on a “whole face” but still want to look good and pulled together for a whole day with the baby?

Let`s talk clothes first. Comfort is the key word. For this summer I recommend overalls in light fabrics with marked waist. Paired with a jeans vest/jacket or a fur vest, gladiator sandals or flatforms, can do wonders with no effort. If you have no time to get your hair done, a baseball cap is the secret, and statement sunnies to hide any dark circles. And secondly, blush- it takes so little to apply it and it changes your whole look. No time at all? That`s all you need- 3 seconds. It`s a must!

  1. Who stays with the baby except from you? In whom do you confide to leave her to and have some evenings by yourself?

I used to leave her with my mom –who actually lived with us when I gave birth- ever since she was little. And when she grew, I was taking her there on weekends so that we can have time for ourselves and teach her to not depend on us. She is still looking forward to go there on weekends. She is happy, my mom is busy, and we have free time for ourselves. Another advice I would give to married couples with children : take time for yourselves, as a couple. Don`t forget that a child is born from love, a love that you must cherish and protect so don’t put it on second place. The baby is safe with someone you  trust so go out and have fun. Don’t forget how it all started!

  1. What was the most terrifying thing that has happened to you so far as a mom? What scared you the most?

Angie has always been a good kid and hasn’t caused us any problems. But there was this one time, she was under two, when she pulled a hot cup of tea off the table all over her. I thought my heart would explode that very second! I threw her straight into the tub to cool her down. She was ok after all, no need for a doctor visit. But still, I got super scared.

  1. What do you do to carve time for yourself? Meditation, exercise, nights out with your girlfriends?

I definitely have yoga and meditation on my list…I am only waiting to be psychologically ready to start it. I believe it takes a certain type of self-understanding in order to do it properly. Besides that, I love having lunch with my girlfriends while Angie is at school. I work out from time to time but  I`m not a sports type. I love baking cakes though. That`s what relaxes me the most.

  1. What stage have you found most difficult / most rewarding so far?

The first 3-4 years were the most difficult, because they are so little, they get sick very often and your heart breaks every time something goes wrong. And the most rewarding part is happening right now- Angie being very tall, we already started exchanging clothes with one another, and I used to think I would have to wait until she is 15 or so. I love that it started so early. I always imagined how we will fight over bags and shoes and it will happen sooner than I thought!

  1. What was the most surprising element of becoming a mother?

Giving birth. Please, future mothers, do this sublime and supreme sacrifice and give birth naturally, if you and your baby are clinically healthy! It`s the most amazing thing that can happen to you in this life. And it is also healthy. For the both of you. Don`t give it away!

19.  What will you try to teach her about beauty and self image? Any good advice that your mother taught you?

When I was a teenager, I was very passionate about make-up, but the problem is that back then people didn`t have much of a trends culture and an even smaller capacity to accept the new in their lives. So I used to secretly put make up on on my way to school and take it off on the way back home -up until a nosy neighbor told my mom. And this is why I`m not only going to support my daughter in all her decisions, but I even see myself helping her with her makeup, hair and clothes whenever she will want me to. I always advise her to never want to seem something or someone she is not. Youth does not come back. It makes me sad when I see girls trying so hard to seem more mature or younger than they actually are. For her, I wish she will only accentuate her natural looks, up until age will not help her anymore.

    20.  What is the most valuable thing motherhood has taught you?

That all you need is love. And you can only learn to truly and deeply love a man after you give birth. Because he is another mother`s child. 

Photos : Nicoleta Florescu. Follow her on Instagram: @justifashion27

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