Mornings With… Amsterdam-based stylist, blogger and mommy, Lizet Greve
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It’s Sunday again, and we’ve got a new hot, bold, brave mamma over for coffee. I’m talking about Lizet, an Amsterdam-based mommy of two, who loves to explore and share all-things-fashion together with her equally stylish and uber-cute 3-year old daughter Zoë and her newborn son, Vic.Liz has been living in Amsterdam for 7 years now and together with her boyfriend Tom, they are raising these two amazing kids in one of the best cities in the world.

And I have to admit it- she is probably the most prompt mamma I’ve interviewed so far, and I cannot help but wonder at and admire her instantly. I mean, I’m a mom too, and I’ve got mommy friends (not too many, but a very few), but none of them or just anyone else has answered my e-mails and questions in one day. Chapeau, Mrs. Lizet, you are truly a mamma I look up to. I love learning from fellow moms, I think this is even the beauty of it: that we can all get to know moms and learn from them just what we like most. You don’t have to adore everyone – it’s enough to pick what suits you best and adapt it to your situation.

In few words, Lizet is one of those moms I kinda liked instantly. Just one look on her Instagram page and you’ll get serious mommy-and-me envy, but don’t worry – we can’t all have it all. She seems to do, but let’s get a closer look into her life behind-the-curtains in the full interview below.

      1.  What is your occupation? On your Instagram, we can see you’re a MOM( of course 🙂 and a stylist. How did it all started, what are you doing in your daily life?

I started studying nutrition at the university, and ended up by obtaining a Master’s degree in pedagogic sciences. After 2 years of working as a team leader at a daycare, I had the oppurtunity to follow my dream and become a stylist. I have worked a lot for a Dutch television, but after 5 years I wanted to start my own business. After becoming a mom I think it’s very valuable to schedule your own time. I decided to combine styling with a healthy lifestyle, so last year I finished a study for becoming a weightconsultant. On Instagram I want to inspire people with my outfits and also I want to help and inspire people at home with my healthy lifestyle and closet suggestions. I’m also an educator in styling, writing for websites and starting my own blog. It’s all a new beginning and my website goes live in July. Very excited!

  2.  When have you become a Mom? At what point in your career? And how has it changed your former professional path and lifestyle? (if it has in any way)

I become a mom in July 2014 and it certainly had a big influence on my career. I didn’t want to go back to work at all. I wanted to spend all my time with her. My kids are the reason I wanted to start my own business. In this way I’m more in control about my time and when I see my kids. In the summer of 2016 I finally had the guts to go for it.

Realmomster Mornings With Lizet Greve Interview

    3.  What is it like to be a Stylist living in Amsterdam, and how have you managed to balance your career with motherhood? Have you found that “balance” yet?

I had a good balance, but now I’m a mom of two and all that balance is gone now. I’m still struggling with finding my new balance. Vic is 3 months old now, so it’s time to get back to work. But I must say being a mom of two now is so much harder for me than being a mom of one. So I’m working on that balance, but I’m glad if I’m still alive at the end of the day;).

  4. What was the most surprising thing about becoming a mom? And the hardest part? 

The most surprising thing was  the amount of love you can feel for a human being, but that is also the hardest part. It makes you so vulnerable that it scares the hell out of me.

   5.  You have two kids. How have you felt the transition from one kid to two? Was the second time any different/ better than the first one? 

Big change! Oh my god! Hormones were killing me and in the the first weeks I was full of guilt. I wanted to give them both as much attention. Now it’s getting better, but the struggle was real.

Realmomster Mornings With Lizet Greve Interview

   6.  How are you managing two kids first of all – do you dispose of any help ( husband, grannies, nannies, maids, etc)? What does your daily routine/ schedule look like for you on a daily basis?

Thank god for grandmas, grandpas and my sister! Three days a week they are here to help me out. Two days I try to work from home, but that means: being a mom all day and if I’m lucky enough, I manage to take some nice pictures for my Instagram account. In the weekends my boyfriend is at home, so I can lay down and watch Netflix all day. NOT. 😉

  7.  What’s the first thing that goes through your head in the morning? And the last one before you go to sleep?

First thing in the morning: Ahh yes I slept trough the night (if we are lucky). And the last thing: Please let me sleep trough the night! Oh, and also ‘What should I wear tomorrow?!’

  8.  What can’t you go a day without doing?

So cliche: Kissing my kids and my boyfriend (if he’s lucky;)

  9.  Your top 5 Places to Go with kids in Amsterdam. (this one is really interesting given that I have an almost 2-year old and am planning to move there soon so I am also curious about these kind of places!)

1: De Vondeltuin (You can sit with your drinks while your kids are playing). 2: Van Mechelen. (Lots of space). 3: Boosty Amsterdam (Healthy juices, salads, sandwiches and a play corner for your kids). 4: Minimarkt (Nice play corner and it has also a really cute shop). 5: Artis, we loooove the Zoo. And of course all the playgrounds in Amsterdam!

Realmomster Mornings With Lizet Greve Interview

  10.  What’s it like to be living and raising kids in Amsterdam? Do you feel it is a children-friendly city? What is the most exciting part about living in Amsterdam?

We don’t have a garden, so we go out of the house a lot. It keeps us going and I like that. Amsterdam is a very busy city with a lot of traffic, but you can find a lot of places that are really nice for kids. The city also has a lot of parks and playgrounds that we love to visit every week.

  11.  What is your favorite thing to do together as a family there? E.g family activities, weekeng activities..

Going to the zoo, strolling in our neighbourhood, getting coffee, juices or icecreams.

   12.  What is your number 1 favorite method of winding off, relaxing, restarting, whatever you like to call it? And how often do you actually take time for yourself?

Being a mom of two means zero time for yourself. But we try to watch Netflix sometimes ;). And working is also unwinding for me these days.

   13.  When have you actually realised you are a Mom?

From the moment Zoë was born.

   14.  Coffee or tea?

Coffee, duh!

  15.  Tell us a little about the first few months with 2 kids.. I imagine it must have been challenging, but I am sure you have some pretty interesting stories to tell.

Pffffffffff! Need I say more? I’m still alive, woohoo!

   16.  What’s your guilty pleasure? What is your kids’ guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is Waylon. A Dutch singer and I’m so in love with him ;). Zoë loves the Ipad and Vic loves me.

   17.  Your pics with your little daughter are simply heart-melting… What do you love most about her and what are your Top 3 things to do together?

I love almost everything about her, except the whining;). I love to go tot he Zoo with her. She is a big animal lover and it makes her so happy. I also love to play dress up with her. She loves to play with my makeup. Strolling and getting a juice is also fun.

 18.  Your favorite kids brand/ boutique in Amsterdam?

I shop online most of the time and mostly from Zara and I loooove the leopard leggings from MarMar Copenhagen.

Realmomster Mornings With Lizet Greve interview

   19.  What is your beauty routine? And what does it look like when you are running late, when you have no time for preparing due to the kids’ schedules, or when you are really running low on sleep and rest?

I’m always in a hurry;). I use day cream and eye cream, foundation, concealer, shaping powder, highlighter, mascara and eyebrow gel. When I’m really in a hurry I just use day cream, concealer, mascara and eyebrow gel. My hair is messy most of the time, but that’s how I like it.

  20.  What would you tell your before-kids-self? And is there one thing you wish you had done before becoming a mother?

Find more friends with kids. I was one of the first and that can be lonely sometimes.

Finish the sentence…

I feel sexiest when: I will have my old body back. (4 kilo’s to go)

I’m the best mom when…difficult question. I always try to be a good mom, also when I’m not feeling well. My problems are my problems. And when I really feel bad I call my mom.

My favourite present so far: Check my instagram account @lizetgreve for my latest Mothers Day present. It has something to do with my crush! 😉

If I wrote a book, the title would be: #lovemylife (I yell #lovemylife all day, but at least 10 times a day it’s sarcastic)

My ideal type of man orders in the bar: whiskey or beer.

Never missing from my fridge: yoghurt

If I could have one superpower it would be: making money with nothing. ( Haha, yup, we aaaaall relate to this honey!!)

If I could go away for a week it would be: without kids to New York and with kids to my parents or parents in law 😉

My biggest passion: fashion

My most terrible fear: losing my closest people

My advice to all mothers out there: do what feels good for you and just listen to yourself and stay true to yourself.

Thank you so much Liz for being part of our naked truth with hot moms stories!

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