Mornings With… Mommy and kids-line designer Meg Wi

Kids line designer, former model and relaxed mamma, Meg Wi is one enthusiastic and hands-on mamma sharing her ups and downs of motherhood, and proving that being laid back is the best way to raise relaxed and happy babies. With her own brand on her hands – Meg Wi Baby-, her social life and a great nanny as help, Meg actually is one of those moms who seem to do it and have it all. You can find her at her favourite café sipping her cappuccino in the company of her husband, but at the same time she makes up for every second without her baby boy. Because that’s what devoted mothers like us, do, right?

And she somehow seems to balance personal life and motherhood so well – you can always find a smile on her face and the attitude of a relaxed, happy mom.

  1. A few details about yourself…

I am 26 years old, I have a clothing brand for kids called Meg Wi Baby, and I have a 2-year old baby boy, named Marc.

2. When and how have you decided to become a mom?

It was all planned, we did all the necessary check-ups before the wedding, and during our honey moon we thought it was the most beautiful moment to become parents.

3. What was the most surprising thing about becoming a mommy? And the scariest one?

The feelings you can encounter when you have a baby are always surprising. Concerning scary stuff, I think my experience was mostly related to sleep. I had mistaken expectations before birth, I was sure my child would SLEEP. Well, for 1 year and 3 months, Marc woke up at least 5 times a night, so….

4. What changes did you have to go through and how did you feel that becoming a mom has changed you?

I am a very peaceful, optimistic and flexible person. I adapt really easily, so I took my role as a mother step by step. I did benefit from a lot of help and support from my husband, and we overcame the difficult moments from the beginning together.


5. Did you have any support and help from the outside? If yes, who and how did it work?

Yes, I had help. At the beginning, in the first two weeks after giving birth my mom came over and stayed at our place, so this helped me big time. My mother-in-law also came by pretty often, then my husband stayed home for a long time, so I was and am lucky from this point of view. Then, when Marc turned 6 months, we decided to search for a nanny. We found the right one for us from the second try, and we have been with her for a year now. I trust her a lot, we get along really well, we communicate well. I am lucky, I know :)). It’s not always easy to find the right person for you and your baby.

At the beginning it was hard, especially with the first babysitter that didn’t really seem to understand our requests, and moreover had an inappropriate attitude towards me, doubting my decisions as a mom. But along the way, I understood that if I wanted to do something for myself, having a nanny was the only way. Both my husband and I have a pretty flexible schedule, and we spend a lot of time with Marc, even though we have a nanny. If it happens that we have busy periods, we then reserve some alone time with him after we are done. We listen to him, wait for him, we are a team.

6. What meant for you to switch from being on the first place, to becoming someone your kid is always dependent on?

Well, I’m not a selfish person. I like not being put first. Ok, there are some moments when I like to pamper myself, but I try to keep a balance. So that nobody gathers frustrations.

7. How did your home change after welcoming a baby? Are you ok with baby stuff everywhere, or do you prefer an impeccable house?

Our home is most of the times chaos, and my mom will get angry when she hears this. I come from a family where the house was always in perfect conditions, but I have changed over time. I prioritised other things that I found more important. I also set myself somehow that our home would never be impeccably clean after the baby comes. I wished to not be that kind of mom whose first thing to say is “Don’t do that cause you’ll get dirty”. The house is being cleaned once a week, but after a few hours, all the toys are still finding their place in the middle of the living room.


8. What is your favourite thing about Marc?

The fact that he is a good child. I try to raise him with empathy towards others, and you can already see that in him. Plus the fact that he said “Mamma luv” the other days, without me telling him first.

Faptul ca este un copil bun. Incerc sa il cresc cu empatie fata de ceilalti. Deja se vede lucrul asta. Si faptul ca mi-a spus “Mama, ubec” acum cateva zile, fara sa ii fi spus eu asta inainte.

9. What’s your style, and how has it changed after becoming a mom?

I’ve always had a kind of androgynus style. But after becoming a mom, I started wearing more dresses and being more feminine, I could say.

10. Do you have a beauty/ well-being routine you stick to?

I do have some favourite products, like: thermal water, miscellanous water and the Ivatherm foundation; a volume hair spray from Toni&Guy, a matte red lipstick from Sephora, and some body lotions from Victoria’s Secret. I use the red lipstick for special occasions, but the rest are part of my daily routine.

11. What advice would you give to a woman preparing to become a mom?

My advice is to do whatever she feels.

12. Favourite activity together?

Our morning cereals. And every day we have our moments of connection that last for couple of hours. I like being attentive with him. Usually after 6 pm, when the nanny leaves, I don’t touch my phone anymore. I only spend time with him. Regarding playtime, he loves when I act as ta gorilla, and when we lay in bed and build tents with the blankets.

13. Ever experienced Mom Guilt? If yes, how did you deal with it?

What mom does not go through that?! Especially regarding time spent with him. I’m desperate to spend as much time with him, and when I get busy and have fairs to attend, I always feel guilty for not being with him. But I do tell him these things, I want him to know what I want to spend time with him. Oh, and there’s also this other thing that Marc does not have a baby bag. I kept trying to keep a bag of his with his stuff in it, but never managed to. Normally if I leave the house with him, I try to get a diaper with me wherever we go. But it happened that I have forgotten it sometimes.

14. What’s the best advice you got about motherhood?

I received a lot of advices, but I can’t remember a particular one. They are all good, kind of prepares you for what’s to come, even if not all advice matches all kids.


15. How did Meg Wi baby come to life and what does it mean to you?

Meg Wi Baby is everything I always wanted to do. Ever since I was a little girl I had an entrepreneurial spirit, and never did things that I don’t like. Meg Wi Baby grows together with Marc, they are kind of the same age.

I worked as a model for about 6 years and I wished to stay in the field somehow. I did around 2 years of brainstorming until starting to make clothes for kids. After these 2 years of thinking, I’ve decided to enrol for a sewing class, and in that period I was also pregnant. From the beginning I wished to follow this handmade path, but not for kids clothing. I wanted to create handmade clothes for women, but given the inspiration during pregnancy, I started creating things for tiny Marc. Then I realised I like working for kids more, so I got to work seriously.

16. What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

The part I like most is that I get the chance to self-improvement. I like getting out of my comfort zone and learning new things .

17. How did you get back to your “social life” after giving birth, and how quickly did it happen?

I still model from time to time,  I am in good relationships with lots of photographers and stylists, and if I’m being asked for help, I offer it gladly. And the “reintegration” happened quite fast, because we bring Marc with us everywhere – even at some events.

18. Have you managed to reach that life-work “balance” everyone is aiming for?

My no.1 priority is Marc. I try to combine them both. If sometimes it doesn’t work out, I choose Marc before first, and then see if I have time for anything else.

19.  Favourite place to go out with/ without kids?

Rue du Pain, this is where you’ll find me most of the time. I just love the atmosphere.

20. How has your relationship with your husband changed after you have become parents?

We love each other more since Marc is around, and we truly enjoy every sip of Coke we gulp down secretly. :))

21. What should every woman do to avoid distancing herself from her spouse after becoming a mom?

Every relationship is different, so I can only mention what helped us have and keep a beautiful relationship. Our key is communication. We gave up comments like “Why didn’t  you leave your plate in the sink?”. We are not jealous. Any doubt about any activity, we communicate it. We mostly always say what we feel and this helps us nurture a healthy relationship.

22. What’s your way of winding off, and what do you love most doing in your free time?

I relax the most when going out with my husband to Rue du Pain and drink Curiosity Coke.:)) It may sound funny, but that’s what I enjoy most. And one more thing I have done last winter, I took my girlfriends out for a snowboarding day from morning till evening.

23. If you could pick a location to go on vacay with your husband right now, what would it be?

I really wish to get to the Maldives. I’ve heard there is no similar water anywhere else in the world. I would spend even 2 weeks there if I could.

24. What is the role of the husband/ dad in the family life?

His role is just as important as the mom’s role, however, different. I noticed that Marc is so much happier when we are both around him. I suppose he knows something. :)) Besides the fact that the man is powerful and helps us carry our groceries, in the moments when you’re not sure you’re telling your kid the right thing, this voice comes from behind whispering “mommy is right”… it feels good. 🙂

25. What is the most beautiful thing you have noticed about your husband since Marc is here?

He has tears in his eyes more often. 🙂

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