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realmomster mornings with mom Rachelle
Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! Was your coffee strong? Your breakfast big? Are the kids in the garden yet, or at kinder garden, school, nannies etc? Well, whatever they are doing, you can definitely sit back now and enjoy a quiet ten minutes sipping your coffee and reading about another one of our #realmomsters. This is Mornings With… Rachelle Eijkelenboom, 27-year old young Dutch mamma of little Jax (4 months old), married to her high school sweetheart after being together for 10 years!

Given that she’s all brand new into the whole mommy-ing business, we wanted to know what this new and exciting transition looks like and means for a mom in Holland, some beauty-on-the-rush secrets and how her relationship grew stronger after having a baby!

Read the interview below:


So Rachelle, you’re a mom of little Jax, a cute baby boy. How was your transition from an independent woman to becoming a mom, what was the hardest part in adapting to this new role in your life?

I think I already adjusted my life when I became pregnant. I had a really difficult pregnancy so I lived like a hermit for like nine months. When Jax was born my body started recovering and I felt a lot better so I took him out and about with me. The hardest part adjusting was that I couldn’t leave the house in 5 minutes in the early beginnings of freshly motherhood. Now I’m a little more skilled when it comes to packing a diaper bag. 😉


If you could have the date night of your dreams, anytime, anywhere, where and what would it be?

My dream date night will be on a warm summer evening on a beach with the sun slowly disappearing in the sea. While eating sushi and sipping on some yummy cocktails. I’m corny I know 😉


How has you relationship with your husband changed after having a baby?

I thought our bond was pretty strong before Jax was born but when we saw the pregnant sign on the test it only became stronger. The nine months Jax was living in my tummy we grew together on another level. He supported me so much throughout my pregnancy and when I gave birth- that changes your relationship in such a special way. And when I see him playing with Jax my heart couldn’t be fuller.

realmomster mornings with mom Rachelle

What was the most difficult part in having a kid so far? Where do you feel you couldn’t handle it and how do you experience Mom Guilt?

My labour was pretty exhausting and took a toll on my body, so the first few days I couldn’t do as much as I wanted with him so my mother and the maternity care lady took care of Jax. I felt really guilty and thought he might not think I was his mommy. Wich was probably the hormones talking, my pink cliché cloud was definitely present though.


What advise would you give to women who are not sure if they are ready to have kids yet?

Your life isn’t over it just got better!


What piece of clothing do you wear when you really want to be and feel super sexy?

A lttle black dress with some stilettos!

realmomster mornings with mom Rachelle

What do you think made you so popular on Instagram and what does Insta mean to you – what are you following, what do you want to transmit, and how much of your real life do you share?

I think people started following me because I shared my outfits and tagged the designers in the picture, but it grew much bigger when I started to share some more of my personal life.


Your go-to morning routine for looking fresh in the morning after a night with no sleep?

  • Charlotte Tilbury make up: Hollywood Flawless Filter + Healthy Glow
  • Clinique Beyond Perfecting to conceal
  • Guerlain bronzer to add some colour
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade to get me some brows
  • And most important blush to add some life in my face from Stila
  • I have eyelash extensions so I don’t have to wear eye make up


If you were to start over, would you do it all again in the same way? Would you change anything?

I wouldn’t change a thing, sorry, a bit boring I know but it made us who we are today and I’m really happy with that!


Do you have a strong support system around you? Who are you getting the most support from in this new adventure called motherhood?

Yes, I have a really strong bond with my family we live in walking distance from each other. But the most support I get is from my husband and my mother. My mother is like a nanny when I’m working or when I have to leave the house for something, she drops everything when I need her, so grateful for that.

realmomster mornings with mom Rachelle

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