This morning I`m having coffee with one bold, brave, passionate mamma, Catherine Wigg from Calgary, Alberta, US. Many of you may already know her through her daily updates on Instagram – where she by the way has thousands of fans she inspires- on her active life with baby boy William. The 23-year old mamma says she has always dreamed of becoming a mom. As little girls, many of us dreamed of becoming ballerinas, fashion designers or makeup artists. But Catherine wanted to become a mother. The best mother for her kids. How cute is that? 🙂
And we all think she already is. She is an inspiration for so many girls, women, future and aspiring mums everywhere. And this is the reason why I proposed her to feature on the magazine under this section. Because it is about powerful, hot, brave mums. She does not only adore her baby, but her husband as well. And from the very beginning of talking to her, I felt I have met a real woman, who has truly wished (not just wanted) to become a mother, who is not afraid and does not complain of anything, and who feels this is what she was meant for. And if this is not inspiring, I don`t know what is. Let`s get to know her better.

Baby`s name and age?

William was born January 6th 2016, so he is 2 1/2 months old!

How would you describe your personal style and how do you feel it has changed since becoming a mom? Did you get more ‘comfy’?

My style has always been comfortable. If I wear high heels you better bet that are as comfortable as flats are. I still wear all the same clothes and style as I did pre baby. I always wore comfy tops from anthropologie so it was easy to wear them all the way through my pregnancy and after William was born. My hips didn’t spread so I was able to jump back into almost all of my clothes really quickly! My style is a cute top and pants. I hardly wear skirts or dresses unless it is a special dress up day!

What are your wardrobe top essentials?

I need any pants from anthropologie! I don’t know how but they sell the MOST comfortable jeans and dress pants. Seriously love them all. I love a top with a cute print that isn’t too tight. (Especially post baby!!)


What is your current job?

My business is currently full time stay at home mom! 🙂

As a busy mom, what is your best advice for working moms trying to strike a balance between work and motherhood? What is your biggest challenge?

Because I am a full time mom I know how hard it is to take care of a little baby. I couldn’t imagine working right now… Those moms aren’t wimps! It takes courage and hard work. The balance I strive to figure out is enough husband and wife time. Sometimes we have to get my sister to watch him and we go for dinner. Sometimes we put William to bed and decide to cuddle up and watch Netflix…. It is just hard to find time for all that stuff now!

What changes are you making in your life to create more time with your son, and what do you find yourself missing from before motherhood?

William is always my first priority. When he was first born, and I was recovering from a c-section, it was hard to do anything other that lay in bed and cuddle him. There are distractions now for sure… Sometimes I have to leave my phone in a different room so I don’t get distracted by phone calls and texts and we just make funny faces at one another. I have found that if i start to make dinner earlier it makes the day go much smoother!!

What are your top 5 baby items you can`t live without?

1. Swimava! Williams neck floaty for bath time

2. Nursing bra pads!!!

3. Stroller with bassinet (William loves walks!)

4. Burp clothes

5. Soon to be teething necklaces… He’s getting teeth already and he’s only 2 1/2 months


What does a typical day in your lives look like?

William and I wake up at 8, I put William back to bed after feeding. One day we slept till noon!!! We usually play for a bit after feeds, then he goes down for another nap. He loves to sleep and eat so much! Some days we get supper ready and do laundry… Those are big days! We try and cuddle the day away though 🙂

Which beauty products do you swear by?

I will wear any kind of makeup that makes me look like a human being. Some days I look so tired… A little blush and mascara became my best friends!

What are the key items in your closet you depend on right now?

I need my comfy nursing bras…. I could live in them. I just need a plain top and jeans… Add a little lipstick and I feel so good! 

What is your ultimate favorite activity with William?

William and I love laughing with each other… He is such a good baby! You smile and him and he is so happy to smile back at you.


What tip would you give to new mums who no longer have time in the morning to put on a “whole face” but still want to look good and pulled together for a whole day with the baby?

Topknot! And brighten those eyes with mascara! Add a colored lip chat or gloss and you’re good to go.

Who stays with the baby except from you? Who do you trust to leave the baby with and have an evening by yourself?

William has been looked after by his aunt and grandparents. It’s amazing how trusting I am when we are apart. I know they always have his best interest at heart. I think it is so important for babies to be away from their parents. One night we left right before he had to go to bed! So he was put to sleep by someone other than my husband and I and he didn’t have a problem at all!

How do you handle taking care of William by yourself every day?

I always have help. My family is so good to lend a helping hand. William`s daddy gets up with him in the morning to let me sleep in! I seriously have it so good. I don’t know how the single mamas do it!

What was the most terrifying thing that has happened to you so far since becoming a mom?

I always worry when William sleeps. He is the world`s most quiet sleeper so I have a mild heart stack every single night!

What do you do to carve time for yourself?

Honestly, my time is a glass of wine at night. I love being with my family so much I don’t feel like I am missing much when I spend most of my time at home!  Wine and Netflix is the perfect date night for my husband and I.

Do you take him with you when you go out, is he used to going places and seeing people?

I take him places when I know he is going to need to eat when I’m out! I am happy to leave him with one of my sisters or parents when I need to run an errand though… He learns how to be without me and it gives my family special bonding time with the two of them!


I have seen on Instagram that he has already been on a plane. That`s exciting but scary for many mums. How was your experience though?

Yes! He is the worlds best traveler. The flight attendants asked the plane to give him a round of applause. I kid you not!!!! He didn’t cry at all on the plane. I can’t believe how good my baby is!

What stage have you found most difficult/ rewarding so far?

I find every stage rewarding and sad. So rewarding because I get to watch William grow into the man he was born to be but sad because he’s growing up so quickly!!

What was the most surprising element of becoming a mother?

How easily motherhood has come to me. I love being a mom so much and I don’t find it difficult. It is the most rewarding job in the world! I knew I would love it and I am so happy I love it as much as I hoped I would!

What is the most valuable thing motherhood has taught you?

The most valuable thing motherhood has taught me is patience. Patience for my son, my husband and those around me. Another valuable thing I have learned is to have so much respect for my husband. He is the greatest dad and he does so much for William and I. I have always loved and respected him but man, seeing him hold our son and hearing him talk and play with him is amazing. I am so happy he gave me William! I couldn’t do this without him. Dads are amazing!


Catherine shares her experiences, joys and challenges as a new mum with her little bear on her Instagram page:  @catherine.wigg and you can read more of her stories her blog



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