Voilaaa! This is how Cristiana has shared the news of bebe-on-the-way. This kiddo already is a mini rocker.


Rock `n Roll hippie rocktastic tatooed bride Cristiana Petre is as clever as she is cool. Newly married to her boo Vlad Petre, her so far ‘adventurous, wild and careless’ world will soon change into a little beautiful chaos, with a baby on the way. With her due date in September, Cristiana is enjoying and taking advantage of her preggo bod and life now, and was willing to share with us some of her Hot Dog cravings and hubby love. 

When I asked her if she would feature in my “Mornings with…” interviews section, she agreed without thinking twice. This is not that usual, as lots of women -and mums especially- do not feel like sharing pieces of their private lives with everyone AND do it in a totally honest way. But she did. And I can`t help but love her even more.

This Sunday is about friends, honesty and dreams. A pretty smile, rock vibes and tiny bump. There she is.


What do you love most about being pregnant so far?

My husband. He has these moments of protective father / careful teenager in love / delicate bodyguard. “Drink milk!”, “Did you eat that soup which is very good for you?”, “It’s too cold to wear that, love”, “How are you feeling?”. I mean “Fuck yeah!”. If only I knew all these years

What do you find the hardest about being pregnant?

“Taking a break from things”. At first, I used to say “giving up on things”. But people smarter than me told me I don’t have to break-up with the things I love. So yeah, now I prefer saying I took a break from drinking, smoking, playing in a band, painting the town red, going to festivals, staying in the front row at concerts, taking pills like every human does when having a migraine, getting tattoos, traveling abroad, enjoying more than one cup of coffee, wearing tight outfits, heels, bras, eating delicious, tasty, amazing seafood… Yeah, who needs all these after all?

What was the moment you actually acknowledged and owned the fact that you will be a mother soon?

When I saw the red flickering dot at the first ultrasound doctor visit. Which meant that “dot” inside me was very much alive.

What are you looking the most forward to in becoming a mum?

Stories. Beautiful. Unforgettable. Touching. Funny. One of a kind. Never-felt-before stories. I think that’s what kids bring extra in your life. Sure, you’ve had your stories before them, but they are nothing in comparison to the ones you’re experiencing with your kids. It’s just a feeling. I, for one, am quite excited about it.

Cravings? Even imaginary ones?

I once saw someone in Mad Men episode eating tuna sandwich. My mouth growled a silent, yet desperate “Tunaaaa” and that marked the opening season of cravings. Although my list is short and salty, it’s very specific and constant. I only have 3 or 4 things I constantly crave for, such as smoked salmon or Sibiu salami. I hope it stays this short. Hot doooooogs!

Are you planning to give in to maternity clothes or will you stick to daily uniform till       the end?

I don’t see myself hiding in large and dull maternity clothes. Well, only If I’ll turn into Moby Dick by the end of my pregnancy. Hopefully, my maternity will still mean ripped jeans, boots or hippie light dresses or shirts during summer.

How do you pamper yourself? Spa, massage, facials, any favorites?

Doing nothing. I realised that before pregnancy I almost never had that cliché moment of coming home and just lying on the couch resting or reading or watching TV. I used to go to rehearsals after work or to the gym or paint bottles or meet friends or whatever. But pregnancy can feel soooooo exhausting and, although at first it felt weird just to stay put, I then started to enjoy these “couch potato” moments.

What are some of your fav baby shopping destinations? Are you going to invest a lot in baby`s clothes?

I think I know more things about cars’ engines than about baby shopping. But you know what they say… “that’s what friends are for”. Mine can help me since they’ve already been there. But to answer your last question, no, I don’t think so. I’m not a “fashionista”. I don’t spend huge amounts of money on clothes in general. I don’t think I’ll start with my baby. Moreover, they grow so fast in the first year, so it would be pointless to get them something they’ll only be wearing for a couple of weeks. Unless that “something” is a collection of rock’n’roll bands t-shirts. So, I don’t know… maybe I’ll invest. Yeah, I guess so.

Do you have any sort of fitness routine or exercises that you still stick to even being pregnant?

This question makes me feel so guilty that I think I’m gonna add Nutella to my cravings list.

How long were you able to hide your pregnancy? Or on the contrary, did you embrace it right away?

I’m almost 5 months pregnant and I do have a belly, but not the one people would see and say “Oh, congratulations!”, but the one about which they might say “Did you put on some weight?”.  It feels a bit weird right now.

What are some of your favorite ways to treat yourself now? Are your hubby, friends and family pampering you more now?

Hot doooooooogs! I guess enjoying these small things, such as hot dooooooogs! And as I said before, my husband is “the pampering king”. My mother also surprises me with buying those things I crave for. I sure hope the next ones will be hot doooogs!

Have you thought about what kind of mom you would like to be to your daughter? Who has inspired you most as a mother so far?

You know… you look at your parents, who are your models in life since you were born, and you just hope you won’t do some of the things you thought they did wrong and do some of the other things you thought they did right. It’s damn hard. But we have access to so much information nowadays, we know how much we can influence our kids even since they are in our wombs… our parents didn’t know all this. So I just hope I’ll be able to use all this info in a way that would make my kid say “I’m having so much fun with you, mommy” when he / she is a kid, “Wanna go to a concert tonight? There’s this super cool new band…” or “I have this issue…” when he / she is a teenager or “Will you play at my wedding, mom?” when he’s/she’s a grow-up.

Have you started preparing anything for her yet or will you wait until before she will arrive?

Nothing yet. I am working on a special series of stories I would like to read to him/her one day.

What do you feel will change most after the baby comes?

My wish list. I imagine seeing my kid grow or taking him/her on trips will be more important than seeing the Foo Fighters live. I guess priorities will change, but I just hope my husband and I will still have the energy and desire to live the things from “our bucket list”.

What advice would you give to young women that want to have a baby? How should you handle career and family at the same time, and what do you thing should come with priority?

Be patient. You will get pregnant. Have fun meanwhile. Sleep a lot. Go out a lot. You will soon get deprived from all that. Just for a period. You will hear horror stories. Most of them are true. Pregnancy can be hard. Babies can and will be exhausting. But in all this new type of chaos invading your life, you will always find a moment of silence which will only be invaded by this thought: “I’m lucky. And I’m truly happy”.  




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