Mornings With… Wife, Healer and Ibiza-based Realmomster Shayoon Mendeluk

There are so many ways to describe the #Realmomster of this weekend…. think Ibiza, traveling, healing, self-care, motherhood, influencer, and everything in between. Meet Shayoon Mendeleuk, Instagram phenomenon whose life seems to be cut out from a Vogue editorial on traveling, but who uses her channel to stay real, to talk ‘naked truth’, and to inspire everyone around her. Living in Ibiza together with her husband and one year old son, Ayaah, Shayoon is living the life of her dreams, in a place where people can be themselves, where days are spent swimming and walking barefoot, and where life has a different rhythm and is lived to the fullest.

How amazing does that sound? Well, we are sure there is so much more to her than her astonishing profile, so we sat down with Shayoon in anticipation of her birthday this weekend, to find out as much as we can about her as a Realmomster.

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Who is Shayoon Mendeleuk, what does she do, what does she believe in? 

Shayoon is a mother, wife, healer and much more. She owns a luxury apothecary and healing centre in Ibiza, Spain and she belives in creating positive change in everyone willing to evolve.

Describe your motherhood style in 3 words. (or more, if you feel like it)

 I am pretty boho chic for the most part. I do like a little glam here and there but I can also look like a homeless boy too. Depends on the day 🙂



What was your life like before becoming a mom, and how do you feel it has changed – if at all- after welcoming your son Ayaah into your life?

My life before Ayaah seems like centuries ago! I can definitely say I was well rested haha! My life before Ayaah was beautiful. I had just moved to the island and gave up my old life that did not serve me in America to be in a place where freedom, spirituality, and open mindedness was. At the forefront of everything. My husband and I adventured A LOT. We were always in a different city or country exploring the world. We lived life to the complete fullest! We moved to Ibiza in January of 2017, and I think that the universe, God, and Ayaah were just waiting for that big move, because I got pregnant that Spring. My life has changed in many many ways. However I didn’t let having a baby be an excuse to stop the adventure. We decided early on that we would take him everywhere and do everything we could to maintain the same lifestyle. The boy has been on over 60 flights in one year. He’s on his papa’s shoulders at every concert, event, or music night. Fist pumping hard. He’s been to raves in caves- he’s hiked the Sahara desert, I mean you name it and we made it possible! I mean there’s not much I don’t do without him. The main thing that changed the most was my lack of sleep and my body!

Luckily I live on an island where my birth plan was inspired by really strong women. Where everywhere you look women are breastfeeding topless on the beach, or even in public and it is accepted and admired and is respected.

Realmomster Mornings With Shayoon Mendeleuk

Now walk us through your birth story…

So, I naturally was drawn to their stories when I became pregnant. I definitely knew I wanted a home birth as my core values don’t resonate with hospitals (nothing against anyone that birthed in a hospital) I just wanted to be at home. Mainly because my trust for myself was so powerful I knew in my core that even if I was birthing alone, I was so connected to my mind and body, I would bring my baby into this world the primal way, they way we’re meant to birth!

My initial plan was to have a water birth. I studied Hypno birthing, silent birthing, holistic birthing, you name it. I also had heard and wanted to practice a Lotus birth. A lotus birth is where you give birth to your placenta. Lotus birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut after childbirth so that the baby is left attached to the placenta until the cord naturally separates at the umbilicus, instead of being taken out of you and disregarded and disrespected or thrown in the trash The placenta is the forgotten chakra, we must treat her with the utmost respect, it gave life to your child, and could help to even recictate your child post birth if needed! You can listen to my birth story here 🙂

My recovery was pretty intense. Because I was in so much pain, and basically a deep squat for nearly 18 hours, I couldn’t walk for months. I did all natural so no drugs not even a pain killer after, because I was breast eeding. I went raw because I was called to and knew I could. I had no fear. But, I trained for that. Anyone can. I had the help of my mom and husband during, and immediately after, which was my life saver. I also believe you can’t really have a birth plan. Whatever the child that’s coming wants, will be the way. It’s not really up to us. You can plan all you want but sometimes things like karma or other things may come into play and you just have to surrender! That being said, regardless of how tough it was, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat exactly the same way, because my beliefs will never change when it comes to birthing. I was even told before my birth that my baby was breach and I couldn’t birth at home. So, I did a huge two hour bath meditation, spoke to him, sang to him, did spiritual work together and turned him in the right direction. I am not going to let someone tell me something is impossible. If your mind and spirit are strong, anything is possible! I did not have any anxiety because I have healed from that. If you need help with that please feel free to reach out to me. No depression here, low days definitely, but from lack of sleep, not emotional imbalance. 

What are your top tips to share with any new mom who is recovering after (any kind of) birth, a.k.a the fourth trimester? 





Your Instagram page looks like a Pinterest account you just keep scrolling down on, and never wanting it to end… Your many breastfeeding pictures are particularly inspiring, sexy, cool, and the true definition and personification of a Realmomster. How has your breastfeeding experience been so far? Did you encounter difficulties, or people judging it? (going from the fact that it is public, and in some of the most beautiful places on Earth).

Breastfeeding for me has been so so beautiful. I have learned so much. I have been frowned upon, asked to leave places, commended, all of it. It’s been the most amazing bonding experience with my son, and most of all it has made me a stronger woman to know that I have helped so many people by not being shy about it.  I have gotten hundreds of messages that have made me so happy about how I have helped someone somehow, and to me that makes it so worth it. 

Realmomster Mornings With Shayoon Mendeleuk

What was the biggest challenge for you about having kids and staying sexy, cool and interesting for your husband? How do you keep the “flame burning”? How do you *make* time for your husband apart from your son? 

If you’re invested in someone or something you make the time no matter what.

You are an avid traveler, and have continued your habits also after becoming a mom – you mentioned having taken Ayaah on over 45 flights, all over the world, on so many amazing adventures. Out of all of them, what is the most memorable one so far, and why? 

He’s been on over 60 now, I would say camping under the stars in the Sahara desert was really memorable because he was so little – I think 6 months old, and that was a real excursion to drive for two days on a windy mountain, with a newborn lol but the he had his first camel ride, and just to see the world with such new interest and excitement. Not to mention the epic photoshoots we had there!

You live in Ibiza now – what is the best thing about living in Ibiza? How does your life there as a family look like, what do your regular days feel like? 

The best thing about living in Ibiza is that we are actually living. We’re no longer slaves to the system of the place we once lived. We’re on a small island surrounded by beautiful like-minded people who are so open minded, artistic and beautiful. The magic is on such a high vibration here that when I leave I cry nearly every time in hopes to be right back. You can live free here, no judgement. Slow life. My boy runs free and naked and his feet are in the dirt or the sand every single day. I am surrounded by a community who wants to avidly make a difference on this earth. There is no other place like it. My regular day feels like I am on vacation. The less you work, the more successful you will be – my motto.

Any secret spots/beaches you would recommend to see with or without kids?

I think you can take your kid anywhere. Yes, there are so many amazing beaches here.  My favourites are:Moon Beach, Cala Maledetta, Benniras, Cala Tarida.

Realmomster Mornings With Shayoon Mendeleuk

What is the one thing we should not miss when in Ibiza? (adventure, beach, experience, travel, restaurant, etc.) 

A hike to Es Vedra – Third most magnetic point in the entire world! That’s why the vibration is so strong here and a huge spiritual ride. People don’t realise that about Ibiza. A day trip or more to Formentera for sure, and food is amazing pretty much everywhere.

In your recent post, you mentioned you just came back from a ‘rebirth that needed to take place within your spirit’. Can you tell us more about this? How and why did you feel you had to do YOU for a while, how did you emerge on this journey? 

We help facilitate transformational journeys for people at The Lightforcecenter. Deep healing work! I believe that real medicine comes from the earth. I was on a mushroom sound healing ceremony and the medicine helped me to release what was left that needed to be cleansed in my soul, in order to fully move forward in life. 

What is your experience with holistic healing?

I am trained in many different forms of healing work like reiki, prone quantum healing, channeling, aura photography, chakra cleansing, and more.

What is self care for you, how important is it, and how do you make time for it? In which form do you manifest it most?

Self care is the most important thing any living human can do to achieve any state of consciousness. It should be as important as breathing, food , and drinking wanter. You need it to survive. Just make time, it’s not hard. I center and ground every single day with meditation and prayer- first thing I do! Then I train and work out minimum three times a week, move my body somehow everyday, make beauty and health appointments as needed to keep up with my beauty regimen.

Realmomster Mornings With Shayoon Mendeleuk

Do you and your husband work together? What is your family vs. Work relationship like?

Yes, fucking epic. We are a dream team. We run multiple businesses here on the island. He has an agency called The Disruptive, that curates conscious creators and I have a company and a healing center/apothecary called The Lightforce Center. 

First thing on your mind when you wake up? Last thing on your mind before you go to sleep?

Ayaah, Gratefulness.

What is the most valuable lesson your son has taught you?

To surrender and be in the flow of life.

What do you feel most grateful for?

This magical life with my family on this island.

Best adventure you have been on as a family yet? 

Sahara Desert.

What does life “behind the scenes” look like for Shayoon? I am sure that behind the camera lense, things look differently. How do you manage to look so polished on your Insta even on your bad days, how do you overcome your insecurities, and how do you choose when and what to share on your page? 

I train with a personal trainer three times a week, I eat well, I have no fear and no anxiety because I chose to do the work of my soul. You can eat as well as you want or train as much as you want, however, if you don’t take care of your emotional trauma or your soul, or your childhood programming or whatever it is, you will not be healthy.


Think fast…

Cook in or order out? Both

Natural or C-section? Natural

Tropical or adventurous family vacation? Both

Breast or bottle? Breast

Nanny or no nanny? Both

Last thing before I go to sleep…. Pray 

First thing when I wake up….pray/meditation

Solo vacay with the husband or with the whole family? Both

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