Five Supermoms Share How They Spent Women’s Day This Week

Yup, it was International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day (in Romania, at least) this week – Big day, big expectations, but usual activities for many of us. So we kind of all expect an out-of-the ordinary day, with breakfast in bed brought by the loving boyfriends and husbands, and “Mommy“-lettered balloons around the whole house, romantic dinners with our love sans kids, and as many presents as we can carry. Or …not. Sometimes we’re down for a pizza and a white wine night in front of a movie on TV, in pijamas, and face masks. It doesn’t always have to be high heels and tight dresses.
So I wanted to see how some of my favourite mommy friends have imagined and celebrated this overly-anticipated day this week, and this is what they shared…

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day amazing momsters out there, you rock and you spin the world!

realmomster womens day stories


Zoe: ” Mother’s day has started, as always, in a big rush and chaos. Even though she knows she should get up when the alarm goes off, she likes to take her time, slooooowly wake up and cuddle me – and I play along for the sake of not waking up moody and protesting about what clothes to put on. Then we listened to the “Zurli” CD during the whole car ride to kindergarden, because even if mommy wants the radio, when your daughter gives you puppy eyes and bags with a honey-i voice to put her fav CD on, you just do it! 🙂 So I dropped her off, but not before promising I would pick her up earlier so we can spend the whole day together. I stayed at work only for 4 hours and was pretty disappointed to see that Dutch don’t celebrate Women’s Day. It was the first time spent this day away from home and was kind of used to men offering little gives to women around them. So anyways, I soon picked my little cupcake from kindergarden, we stopped at “Milk and Cookies” in Venlo for about two hours, where we had some girls talk and when I wanted to let her know what she means to me and how much I adore her.

Our adventure continued in the park, where we collected tree branches, and dry leaves and rocks of course- she loves to take them home in her tiny pockets. We were home by 6:30 and daddy was waiting for us with tulip bouquets- my favourite flowers, that I am receiving most of the time. 🙂 I didn’t want to move to The Netherlands for no reason, after all, haha! Ah, and almost forgot, I have also added a new item to my Willow Tree collection with the mother-daughter statue. It’s my favourite figure and every time I watch it, it just makes me feel wonderful! ”

realmomster womens day stories

Cristina: ” March 8 was for me this year full, dynamic, exhausting but absolutely amazing! I kind of cheated and starting celebrated on the 7th, in the evening, with a little pampering from my boyfriend. And the next morning started just like any other morning for me, because I am far from being a morning person – it involved a little bustle into the act of getting to the kindergarden, where I had proudly accepted my son’s Sasha invitation for tea and cupcakes. After a few tears hidden in the corners of my eyes – because even though the little ones’ poems are predictable, they are so, so touching and emotional- I just couldn’t help myself getting…really emotional! And after making with Sashi the most attractive – because I couldn’t say the most ‘delicious’- gingerbread cookie, I went out to meet my mom, sister, and nephew for a lunch combined with some shopping. 😉

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The night ended, of course, in the company of my girlfriends for our beloved glass of red wine. I gotta admit, I cheated on my job that day a little, so as to spend it in the company of some of my dearest people in the world! Because even though I completely agree with the idea that love and attention don’t necessarily need a special day to be offered and showcased, our hectic lifestyle gives us less and less time to spend it on things that really matter to our hearts!

We do ned days like these, when we get to stay ” Stop – today is about me and the people around me!”


realmomster womens day stories

Mary: “For me, Mother’s Day was just like any other day, except for the fact that I went to a spa with a girlfriend and indulged in some good, relaxing, mind-blowing massage and facials. My son is still to young to understand the huge importance of this day, so for him waking up early in the morning, and following is usual eating-going out-watching cartoons-playing nonstop routine was just like any other day. I loved my one hour of great hot stone back massage at a spa in the centre, followed by a Manuka honey facial. I felt like a new mom after leaving the salon, and then continued my walk around the city with a stop by my boyfriend’s office. I managed to get him out of there just in time to make it to the flower shop – where we (I mean ME) made some beautiful bouquets for the women in the family – my mom and two grandmas.

Just an usual evening for us, put the baby to sleep, and were confused what to order in. So, (not)surprisingly, we ended up in front of a huge bacon, corn and cheese pizza from Pizza Hut and a good comedy on Netflix. Simple, fun and …normal. ”

realmomster womens day stories

Claudia: ” This year I have received my first Mother’s Day gift from Patrick, my son. The kindergarden organised some kind of a workshop with kids and the dads, and they made necklaces and bracelets for the moms. Great idea, huh? So I got myself some pretty, hand-made blings that I proudly wore at work today! Besides that, I’ve received flowers and warm pastry for breakfast from my husband, and then we enjoyed a lunch together in the middle of the day.

Simple and beautiful. I wouldn’t need anything more! 

realmomster womens day stories

Alexis: ” This year on Women’s Day I have really asked for and organised myself to a whole day for ME! I live in a chaotic style every day of the week (and weekends as well, given that I have kids, and they don’t know the definition of the weekend yet), so I thought “Why the hell not to take advantage of these (rare, I must say) special occasions and wine out for once?” And so I did. I started my morning with a nice, good breakfast at home with my husband and kids. Super sweet, but then the nanny took over. I met my girlfriends, who had also taken the day off from work, we went shopping (because we all need shoes, right?), we had a Sex and the City kind of lunch in the centre of the city, with a Prosecco and a lot of carbs. Perfecto! 🙂

The day ended with an afternoon at the spa, where we all had a massage and facials, it was super fun and relaxing, and then I re-entered my reality when I got home to my family, where I felt new and 10 years younger! Loved it, so ladies enjoy these special days, and make them about you! ”


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