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realmomster interview Eleesha the Quinn girls

Another Saturday, another real interview with a mom we love and admire. This time around, our #momhero is 33-year old Eleesha Quinn, mom of three beautiful girls, living in Queensland, Australia and owning one of the prettiest and most adorable Instagram accounts we have come across of. The beach, the sands, the waves and the eternal heat of Australia all sound like the perfect combo for raising a family on the shore. However, a day in the life of a mom is far from what it looks like on social media.
There are too many errands to run, too many lunch boxes to prepare and more than often not enough coffee breaks to fill the day with. Luckily, there are these gorgeous little girls – Logan (5), Aleeia (3) and Isla (19 months)-, who make raising children a real joy, and if you add a touch of photographic skills and real life stories to those snapshots, the package of an Insta perfect mum is complete. But pay attention, it’s not that flower-power as it may seem at first sight, and life behind the scenes has nothing to do with what you see on the screens. And because I got fooled once by this whole Instagram extravaganza (yes, when I had my son, yes I thought life is just like Insta, yes I hoped my pictures would be just as flawless), I decided to sit down and ask the questions that are usually left behind.
So how does a day in the life of a mom of three look like? What does she do to look so good and flawless in every picture? When does she find the time for herself and her relationship amidst the chaos?
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So, you’re a mom to three girls. How does it feel to raise three future women today?

Its so overwhelming to be honest, wondering everyday if your are making the right choices for them to grow into independent woman of the future. Its also very exciting wondering who they will be.

What’s the first thing that goes through your mind when you wake up? And the last before you go to sleep? 

OMG COFFE 😂 Im not even kidding, my morning coffee is the last thing I think about before I go to bed and its the first thing I think about when I wake up 😂

What is the most exciting thing about being a momof three? What about the hardest/ scariest? 

I guess the most exciting thing about being a mom to three girls is hoping that I will have three best friends for life. I know how close I am to my mama and how much I love her, so that is pretty exciting to think of my three girls being able to share such a special bond with me. The hardest and scariest is hoping we are always close and that I don’t ruin them along the way 😂

What is the most valuable quality your daughters have thought you? 

Patience… Its never been my strong suits and if I wanted something I wanted it to happen yesterday. Having three children has thought me paitence and perseverance. Being able to sit back and allow nature to take its own course sometimes has really been a blessing.

realmomster interview eleesha the quinn girls

How do you wind off – or do you, at all? Here I mean anything you get to do while spending some me-time, from yoga, to cinema dates or just chilling with a good book… Anything that relaxes you and charges your batteries after a full day. Do you ever get to take a break?

My husband works away for 7 days on 7 days off however when he comes home he works in our business for 5 of those days. So for most of it I genuinely don’t get any me time unless I stay up late which lets face it, I do that anyway but thats when I get MY work done. My down time, me time is literally my morning coffee. Look out if there’s no milk 😂 I genuinely enjoy my trips to the hair salon every 6 weeks too. Thank goodness for having to get your hair refreshed 😂

Do you have any help, and how do you manage to look so put up in the morning with so many kids around? 

My dear old dad comes on our adventures during the day sometimes to help to taking pics but as for any other help I genuinely don’t even think about it. We have only just in the last 12mths moved back to our hometown and we have never have friends or family before this around us so I’m just so used to doing everything on my own. Its a shock to me when my mama or dad offer to help. Its so wonderful to be home.

What’s your go-to beauty product when you have no time to get ready?

My go to beauty product would have to be organic spa brand b and b cream. If I don’t have time for makeup, it at least gives a nice glow to the skin.
What’s your favourite holiday destination with kids? And without kids? 
With kids would be New Zealand . Its a wonderful place, not to busy and so many beautiful sites. Its also not too dear which makes it easier when paying for three children 😂 With out kids Bora Bora, we went there for our honeymoon and honestly have never been somewhere so beautiful since. It was sooo amazing.
Biggest challenge in juggling work and family life? 
My biggest challenge is the house. Having to continually clean up while trying to work drives me  nuts. Since becoming a stay at home working mother I have found hustle I didn’t even know I had 😂
What’s the hardest part of a day at home with the girls?
The noise 😂 I’m serious though 😂 the laughing, squealing, singing.. its all sooooo loud 😂 they even talk really loud 😂 I thought one of them might have Benn shy but no 😂
realmomster interview eleesha the quinn girls
How do you feel you have you changed since becoming a mom?

I am completely different  😂 I think after you’ve become a mother you are such a stronger version of yourself. I sometimes think I liked kids more before I had some of my own though 😂 of course I’m joking but I did have a fairytale version of motherhood in my mind before I had my children. This is literally all I ever wanted. I am literally living my dream but its not all exactly how I planned it in my head 😂 I’d do it all again in a heartbeat though and I definitely had no idea how much love you could possibly feel for another person before having the girls. You would just do ANYTHING for them and have no fear to defend them. That’s the best bit. The unconditional totally bonded love you have for them.

Your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is my grandmothers. These women had 6 children and husbands who where away at war. They never complained, they worked in the field all day while watching the kids, they washed, cooked and cleaned. Everything was done to perfection and they never once asked for anything in return. We are so spoilt now day in age its easy to forget how lucky we are. I have my grandmothers pictures in my laundry to remind me to pick my bottom lip up and harden up if I’m feeling down about all the laundry or washing (my pet hates) we have it soo good.
What do you miss most about life before babies?
I miss my husband the most. That person he used to be just with me. I get to see such a wonderful side of him as a dad but sometimes I do miss just being able to do whatever we want whenever we want to do it. We are hoping when the girls are a bit older we can have date nights to really enjoy each other’s company with out the kids again 😍

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