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Great news mammas: HATCH introduces the new Mama Beauty collection, and we are already in love with it! The line is meant to be by your best  friend throughout all those good and bad moments of pregnancy. You know them, nausea, stretch marks, itchy skin, and all of it. It was developed by women who have seen it all, been through it all, and approved by experts who know the secret to that gloooow that we’re all looking forward to during pregnancy.

While their clothing pieces are meant to make your growing baby bumps (and yourselves, too, of course) feel and look comfortable and fun and sexy at the same time, the newest beauty line is all about natural, non-toxic ingredients and products that are effective, preggo-friendly, and also look incredibly cute on your bathroom vanity.

From lavender, aloe vera and eucalyptus to calendula and almond milk oils, these ultra nourishing oils, masks and creams make sure that a mamma’s beauty and care regiment does not add any stress to her overwhelming period of carrying a baby for nine months. “Hatch is about making everything easier”, says founder Ariane Goldman.

The *pink* range consists of 6 products:
realmomster hatch beauty mamma collection

 BELLY OIL Stretch Mark Reduction Therapy  , $58

“This fast absorbing dry oil elixir is rooted in a powerful blend of nutrient rich botanical oils that support skin as it expands. It helps calm inflammation, relieves itching, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.  This is how you wear your vitamins.”





realmomster hatch mamma beauty

NIPPLE & LIP Rescue Balm , $28

“Breastfeeding can be badass. But it can also be a pain in the ass.  This helps. Tropical butters and super fruits create a barrier against chapping and chaffing. It works marvels on lips and other bits, PS.”



realmomster hatch beauty mamma




BELLY MASK Stretch Mark Minimizing Sheet Mask  , $12

“A new way to do a mask. This all-natural hydrating sheet mask was made for pregnant bellies to help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy and help soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum.”


realmomster hatch beauty mamma

DOWN GIRL Soothing Leg & Foot Relief  , $42

“A cooling, anti-inflammatory gel-based cream that helps reduce swelling and invigorate tired feet and legs. Let us bring down that swelling. ”



realmomster hatch mamma beauty



STRENGTH & SHINE Daily Fortifying Hair Oil , $38

“A luxurious blend of oils (like grapefruit + lemon peel) and botanical extracts that hydrate hormonal strands to keep them healthy and fight against hair falling out postpartum (spoiler alert). Make it shine, baby.”




realmomster hatch beauty mamma


POCKET SPA TRIO Essential Oil Rollerballs , $68

“This set of three essential oil-based rollerballs will revive you throughout your day, relieve nausea, and calm those nerves. Developed at 1% essential oil concentration, these are safe for pregnancy and baby- and good for sensitive noses.

Includes RENEW, RESCUE and RELAX rollerball oils.”




So, just in time for Valentine’s Day to surprise your pregnant girlfriend, or just in time for…any mamma having a baby, this is the perfect, most useful and handsome gift one can receive.

Have fun shopping and getting pampered with these beauties.

HATCH Mama is available now at

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