Our Realmomster Women’s Day Gift Guide For that Very Special Woman or Mom in Your Life

It’s Women’s Day in two days and if you’re a woman and mom you definitely have your girls night reservations done weeks ago. But if you’re not, and you’re on your search for finding the best gifts for the very special women in your life, then…it’s not really the easiest trick. After all, it’s us women winning at gift giving, not men.

So how do you top their game? Not a piece of cake but first of all start with what you know. Whether she is a pilates junkie, a travel lover or the perfect hostess of them all, we’ve rounded up some timeless items for each passion that moms would probably rarely buy for themselves, but that they certainly deserve to receive. This Women’s Day and every other day for that matter.

For the Jet-Set Mom

Whether she’s going away for the weekend by herself or with her besties, or traveling the globe in an Eat, Pray, Love-style (this applies to whoever doe snot have kids, obviously), make sure mom’s aesthetic never misses a beat. This beautiful, chic and timeless Silk travel set will make sure to keep her comfortable and rested while reading that whole book on the plane, or watching 3 movies while jetting to the Maldives. Nevertheless, she will still look effortlessly chic even with a hint of red eyes.

Wanderlust Frequent Flyer Set by SLIP

For the Hostess Mom

She is the queen of the kitchen. The Duchess of the bedroom. The Lady of the Garden. And the Hostess of all Hostesses. She always makes sure the house smells like a hotel lobby, the bedsheets are always immaculate white, the perfumed candles are lit in every single bathroom, the kitchen looks flawless and the china matches the placemats. Just kidding. She is perhaps just a mom who is really keeping the whole house together while the kids are wildly drawing on the walls and spilling juice on the new sofa, but hey! Mom still deserves the best and sexiest perfumed candles, so here is our choice!

D’Orsay Candle 02:45 Enfin Seuls

Realmomster Women's Day Gift Guide


“This scented candle takes us back to the moment when the fire has gone out, the smoky scent of almost-burnt Birchwood stays in the air, bold and sensual, with a touch of Moroccan Rose to add some light.
We talk for hours, keep each other up all night: I ask nothing of you as long as the fire burns bright.
By the light of the dying embers we make love, vowing to meet again. When that promise is broken, only the fragrance will remain.”

I mean… what more could you say after this. Just buy it and thank me later.

For the Sporty Spice Mom

This one is for the sporty moms who will not give up their 7 pm Hot Yoga class for anything in the world. It’s for the moms who run (late) to their 6:30 am Pilates class or who simply like to work out at home. Thing is, no matter when or where you do your Yoga, just do it. And if you’re at it, do it in style with this super cute yoga mat.

Yogi Bare Yoga Mat


For the New Mom

The 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle by HATCH

Whether its nursing at home or welcoming your first visitors after having a baby (not that you would be too keen on that whatsoever) , what you put on during those early days should be both functional and comfortable so you can settle into your new skin and new chapter. So here is the perfect combo between useful, and chic, between easy-boob-access and I-still-look-polished.


Realmomster Women's Day Gift Guide

For the Skincare Lover Mom

Whether in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, skincare is a must, and looking fresh and young is in our daily to-do lists. And taking those 15 minutes every day to yourself to take care of your skin should not come last- nourish, moisturise, and energise your skin with this beautiful body oil and sandalwood massager. Or get it for your beloved wife who will turn those 15 minutes into 45. You’re welcome.

A OK Restorative Set

Realmomster Women's Day Gift Guide


For the I Always Need Coffee Mom

I NEED COFFEE. Filter coffee in the morning with cream milk. Oat Milk Cappuccino as the second coffee of the day, served at the cafe with your best friend while the kids play. Espresso Macchiato in the afternoon to survive the evening dinner preps, actual dinner, and post dinner bonanza before kids are finally over and out.

Nespresso…. What else?

Vertuo Nespresso Coffee Machine

Realmomster Women's Day Gift Guide


For the Tired Moms Out There

This. Is. Not. For. You. I’m just researching for a friend. No, but really now. This is for friends. The only thing is, this hat really looks so cool in this washed denim style, that I really want it too.

Everything more than 2.5h counts as a full nights sleep.

Tired Mom Hat

Realmomster Women's Day Gift Guide

For the Dermatologist on Speed Dial Mom

Joanna Czech Facial Massager

This is not only a facial massage roller for toning, releasing tension, and reducing puffiness. This is a design item that, whether you actually use it every morning or not, it will still keep your face young, fresh and pinky just because you own this item in your bathroom. Trust me.

Realmomster Women's Day Gift Guide

For the Always Comfy Mom

SKIMS Soft Lounge Robe

Perfect for lounging and layering over your PJ’s, super comfy and cute, and ideal for morning-to-evening outfit ideas for those endlessly rainy winter days when you really don’t feel like leaving the house. You can work from home in it, lounge in it, cook, sleep, eat, repeat. Briefly, perfect for MOMS.

Realmomster Women's Day Gift Guide

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