Outdoor Equipment For A Sunny, Busy Spring

Spring time is here, and so is extra outdoors time, long afternoons barefoot on the streets and indulging in vanilla ice-cream cones every day. Oh, how eagerly we have been waiting for this. Sun sets at 9 pm, ice cream shops get crowder each day and it’s time to bring out the equipment for outdoor fun!

Here are some of our favourite outdoor equipment pieces for a sunny, busy spring!

Banwood First Go! Bike

With its retro looks, this First Go! push bike is ideal for learning and developing kids’ sense of balance and motor skills, and its small wooden basket in front is so perfect for carrying the absolute essentials wherever they go- like favourite toys, picnic stuff or… flowers for mommy.

Banwood 12″ First Go!, €150, find it on smallable.com.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe

This one is a life saver and my son’s absolute favourite toy! The Mini Deluxe scooter by Kickboard is the ideal scooter that accompanies your kids from ages 2 to 5! Its adjustable T-bar accommodates kids as they grow, it’s deck platform is anti-slip silicone, and it is definitely the quietest and smoothest lean-to-steer scooter (tested!). This yellow Kickboard is our daily commute to daycare, and I wouldn’t change that for anything!

Mini Deluxe Micro Kickboard, €99,95, find it on microkickboard.com.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring

PlanToys Mini Golf Set

Ideal for both sunny and unpredictable, rainy spring days, this Mini Golf Set comes as a great “friend” accessory for your little ones. In case you wanna have an one-on-one match, or you’re a little busy working and your kiddo needs to keep busy for a little while, this eco PlanToys set is so good to be used in the living room, in the garden or outside in the park. Pretty much everywhere!

PlanToys Mini Golf Set, € 38, find it on plantoys.com.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring

Baghera My Great Wagon


Adventure ahead! The large Baghera Wagon is so good for transporting toys, picking up leaves, or carrying around stuffed animals. This large metal wagon a la Dennis The Manace is practical and light, and will accompany your child from the earliest years onward.

Baghera My Great Wagon, € 74, find it on baghera.co.uk.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring

Moulin Roty Botanist Case

The ideal activity for a nature lover kid: the Moulin Roty Botanist Case is every gardening enthusiast’s fantasy. It has all the essentials for exploring and observing nature, and your little ones will have a great time collecting and pressing flowers and leaves and storing secret treasures inside.

Moulin Roty Botanist Case, € 58, find it on thecompanystore.com.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring

Jupiduu Slide

With its clear and timeless design, the Jupiduu children’s slide is a real eye-catcher in every nursery or garden. It can be easily and quickly mounted with an enclosed key, and it’s ideal for small slide lovers aged between 1.5-4 years. You can choose between pretty colours like pink, blue, green and white.

Jupiduu Slide, € 250, find it on jupiduu.com.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring

Solvej Baby & Toddler Swing

The Solvej Baby-Toddler Swing can be used indoors or out, and will add a touch of international style to your home or garden! Suitable for babies as young as six months, the swing easily converts from a baby swing to a toddler swing (between the age of 2 and 3) using the domed leg divider. If there is both a baby and a toddler in the household, the change can be made quickly and easily to be used by both children.

Solvej Baby & Toddler Swing, €190, find it on solvejswings.eu.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring

Win Green Pirate Shack Playhouse

Raise the anchor and ready the men…! Embroidered and appliqued with a compass, friendly parrot and a chest of bejewelled treasure, our Pirate Shack sets the scene for your little Pirates to embark on a swashbuckling adventure!

Win Green Pirate Shack Playhouse, $349, find it on win-green.com.

Realmomster Outdoor Equipment Sunny Spring


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