Planet Friendly & Pretty Picnics with Dodoli Bamboo Plates

During summer, packing our picnic bags and heading over to the beach or the closest park in the morning to have breakfast has become a favourite activity. When we are not at home to have the beach 10 minutes away, we go for parks – all we need is a blanket and food. Any kind of food. It’s usually pancakes, waffles, croissants, or other pastries, yogurt and a lot of fruit, berries and cereals. Sometimes we eat them as they are, sometimes we do some ‘plating’, and other times, such as this weekend, we went for bamboo bowls. And since we have discovered Dodoli, it’s the only type of plates and bowls we take with us to picnics.

Made from organic bamboo, the plates, bowls and cups by Dodoli are the perfect choice for adopting a conscious way of serving food, they’re planet-friendly and so easy and fun to use – for the whole family that is, and not just for the kiddos. The colourful silicone used un the bottom prevents the bowls and plates from slipping away from the table (or from being swept away by the little ones in half a second), and they are also so soft to chew on for teething babies and toddlers.

You can choose from so many happy and fun designs: from frogs, to bunnies, panda bears, cows, lions, cars or simple designs, they all come in various pretty and bright colours, depending on your kids’ preferences – for us it’s always either blue or yellow. And I can assure you that your kids will not want to eat or drink off of anything else again! We tried and tested the frog & the fish out on a picnic in the park. 9 am in the morning, a fresh croissant from the bakery across the street, a hot coffee for mamma and yoghurt with berries for Sasha.

Bon Appetit!

You can check out all the funny animal shaped Bamboo bowls and plates on


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