Playtime Fun With Cheengoo Rattles

I have discovered Cheengoo a while ago and immediately fell in love with everything they had – but in particular with their collection of rattle toys. These great, unique, hand-made items that come in the most delicious forms – from donuts, to ice-cream and veggies.

Cheengoo specializes in a line of modern, hand-crafted toys and accessories for infants and young children and their amazing products are made by hand using natural materials: either maple wood, bamboo, or cotton. Designed in San Francisco and then brought to life by our international team of skilled artisans from Nepal, Latvia and China, the Cheengoo toys are made using luxuriously soft yarn derived from the pulp of the organically grown (Ecocert certified) and sustainably (FSC certified) harvested bamboo trees.

They offer this large variety of toys- from rattles, to dolls, teethers, and other home accessories, that are just so perfect for gifting to your kids, or your friends’ kids.


Crochet Donuts?

Soft, richly textured, making this donut a perfect plaything for babies and older siblings, who can serve them up in a tea party or play kitchen. In our case… At a rooftop kids party! Entirely hand crocheted using 100% organically grown and sustainably harvested bamboo, these soft, naturally antibacterial and non-allergenic rattles are perfect for babies and kids.

Crochet Ice Cream?

Yep, also possible! This set of three ice-cream rattles are soft, richly textured and colorful, making them a perfect play things for your kids and their siblings and friends.

So we have decided to try them out … our favourites? The colourful, and super fun rattles. From crochet ice-cream cones, to carrots, donuts, veggies and flowers, we had the best of fun! Brought them to a kids party, and bam! All the kids fell in love with them and starting imagining their own games and pretend-play with them. My son was particularly interested in the ice cream cones (of course) because he is a lover of ice-cream, whereas the girls were more into the veggie set, which reminded them of the times they go grocery shopping with mom, I guess.

It was interesting even for the little baby in our group, given that the crochet fabrics are soooo soft and delicate.

There was a Yumm and colorful party in all senses going on!

So while the boys enjoyed some pretend ice cream at the party, the girls went veggie shopping and received crochet flowers from the gentlemen. And even after the party was over, my son still brings me surprise donuts and flowers around the house, and pretends he goes shopping with his tiny veggie bag.

Why Cheengoo?

One of the main reasons we fell in love with Cheengoo was their social responsibility goal. Cheengoo products are created by artisan men and women around the world who are paid a fair wage in a safe and supportive environment. In China, their crocheted goods are hand crafted by a band of mostly mothers and farmers in rural China who are provided free training, flexible working hours in a friendly working environment that also doubles as a support network. In Nepal, our workforce is a happy one that consists primarily of illiterate women who otherwise would have great difficulty finding employment. While in Latvia fair and competitive compensation coupled with a strict compliance to international guidelines is the mantra for the small family business who partner with us to help make our wooden toys come to life.

You can discover and buy their entire collection of rattles, pacifiers, teethers, dolls and decor accessories on

Thank you Cheengoo for sponsoring this post!

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