The future king of fashion, Prince George  stole the show with his dapper plush bathrobe he wore to his pre-bedtime meeting with President Obama and the First Lady couple of days ago. The prince was allowed to stay 15 minutes past his bedtime to meet the Obamas , and although pictures of the meeting started circulating online widely, it was George` s bedtime outfit that caught our eyes and that turned him into a veritable fashion icon. The 39$ My 1st Yearsbathrobe that the almost-3-year-old royal wore sold out in literally SEVEN MINUTES.
“This is crazy, the fact that Prince George is shaking President Obama’s hand in our robe is incredible,” brand founder Daniel Price gushed to Daily News.


Price had sent the royal family the personalized robe in a luxurious complimentary gift box, similar to how he has sent monogrammed blankets and gifts to Beyonce, David and Victoria Beckham, and Elton John for their bundles of joy in the past.

“But nothing has ever blown up like this,” he said. “We always talk about celebrities, and who would be amazing to wear our stuff, but obviously you never talk about Prince George, because it’s not possible.”

But apparently, it is. Monogrammed in small blue or pink trims, soft, sumptuous towelling an fit for a Prince or a Princess, the famous bathrobe is now available for pre-order, in case you` re asking.


Prince G. also stole the show at his little sister`s christening, wearing a red Rachel Riley shirt and short set.


Aaaaand he is also the only person EVER like ever who could make Crocs happen. The posh toddler was spotted last year playing on a polo field wearing a blue Oliver Baby and Kids cardigan and navy Crocband Clogs that were just as soon impossible to find. And the list can go on, cause he has become world` s youngest trend-setter from the day he was born and wrapped in a soon-t0-become famous little blanket.

He is just so cute and his parents are so likeable that people want whatever they have.

And this comes as no surprise, given all those outfits Kate Middleton has sold out from shops and websites. She is known for wearing super stylish and oftentimes affordable dresses that go out of stock in the next 5 seconds after pics of her come out. If she would wear different-color socks tomorrow, it would become this season`s innovation by tomorrow.

As you can imagine, all we are not waiting for is lil` Princess Charlotte` s debut.

Thank God the royal family is this uber-stylish and pretty clan. I`m off pre-ordering that monogrammed fluffy thing for my son now. And one for myself.


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