Real Talk: Mamma of Toddler And Waiting for Number Two
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First of all, this is a guest post, so I’m not pregnant or anything similar and scary. Just to be clear, this is a Real Talk from a Mamma of Toddler waiting for baby number two. Now, we all know those picture-perfect Instagram accounts with mommies of toddlers (usually between 1-2 years old, because of course they have them right away because life is just so much easier with two small kids than one, you know), who are cheerfully and glowingly pregnant with their second babies, while chilling on the beach in long, silk dresses, sipping lemonade and laughing their hearts out with their bundles of joy. Oh well, these power moms may be the reason why I had a child in the first place, but no no, you won’t fool me twice girls. I’m being extra careful with my naive brain this time.

After having my first, I can at least say I know for sure that there’s HOURS of work and patience wasted on finding the perfect posture, and around 593467 attempts before posting that flawless picture on Instagram. But let’s sit down and get real.  This mamma of 1 year 5 months old toddler is less than a week away of becoming a “Mom of Two” – a title worth working for, especially on social media. (laughs)

Rock ‘n Roll lover, book author, hot wife and real mamma, Cristiana, shares her funny store and the naked truth behind the easy life on Instagram.

So…. How did “it” happen….

We had this really mature conversation one night: “Darling, life is too easy with just one kid. Let’s take things to the next level and make another”. And we shaked hands and boom… 2 lines on a stick. Just kiddin’. It was not planned at all. It was one of those “Holy f**k, I’m pregnant?!” stupid teenager moments.

First thought when I found out… We were on the summer holiday. I was late but was pretty sure it was nothing. I know, maternal instinct my ass. Nevertheless, I told mu husband I’ll just buy a pregnancy test to get this off my mind. He was in shock. I laughed. I was suuuuper relaxed. I went to take a shower and then just grabbed the test to see the result. I saw it was positive, shouted “OH F***k!!!” and threw the test away. Then I burst into laughter and went to tell Vlad who started laughing as well. He then got really drunk. Haha.

First thing I wanna do on the first minutes alone away from the kids… I’m dreaming of my first day when I’m not carrying a baby inside or breastfeeding. I will pour myself a nice glass of whiskey and then jump off to get myself another tattoo. And then dye all my hair green.

What you hope he takes after Luca…. The calm.

What you hope he won’t… His obsession for Smiley’s songs.

How are you planning to balance and deal with 3 d*cks around the house? That won’t be a problem. I’m used to hanging out with guys more than girls. My best friends are mostly guys. I’ll probably hate them during the football championships. Or just leave the house and let them starve or something.

Nannies? How many? Just one.

First night home? I’ll be probably terrified. Luca is still in a “mommy mommy” phase, so I’ll just have to handle 2 mom addicts.

Plans for the first week with the babies? Trying not to run away from home.

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