Real Talk: The First Few Days Away From the Kids are Heaven and Hell

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Talk: I am writing this at 2 pm because I can. Today I showered alone and uninterrupted after my workout (yes, my workout, the first one in probably a year, I’m hearing a standing ovation), used the toilet alone without reading children books to a toddler sitting in my lap, done laptop work, did some reading in bed when I woke up, and realised I still have more than half a day ahead to..basically do whatever I need and want to. Without acting like a mom. Jeeeez. That feels so weird.

So we have decided to leave Sasha at his grandparents after the Easter holiday, so he can enjoy some alone time with his four slaves, while we get back to Holland to work and enjoy a mini vacay in two. It hasn’t even been 24h since we left and he has already had a chocolate ice-cream (usually off-limits at home, or only on special occasions like…summer?), bounced in the weird bouncy thing in the park, and most probably used my parents as personal chauffeurs, chefs, housemaids and servants. Which is not a bad thing at all, considering this is what grandparents were made for. And during all this time, I have asked about 56 times if he mentioned me, if he’s sad to be without me or if he’s asking about my whereabouts. Like any desperate mom would. Anyways, so far it’s a ‘no’.

I admit I had a hard time deciding to leave him there while we go away for almost two weeks, but I also missed spending some alone time with my bae, and this made my decision a bit easier. Why is it that men (and dads) don’t have this big of a hard time leaving the kids and going on business trips or vacations? How do they manage to be so relaxed and optimistic, while us, moms, pour our hearts out before we leave and then act like some cheesy soap opera protagonists that can only live through our bundles of joy. Literally like in those Spanish soap operas.

Yikes. Let’s get real now, there are loads of good sides on this. I did feel lighter when we got home last night, unpacked baggages, sorted laundry, had dinner, and even watched the first two episodes of friends by 10 pm. Uninterrupted. Nobody asked to be changed, fed, served cereals, and put to sleep after 45 good night stories, and definitely there was nobody who asked for a bottle of milk at 4 am. I cannot complain about the 200 pages I read since yesterday either. I think the last book I read was somewhere in September. So basically it has been a good breath of fresh air so far, and I have a feeling we’ll be enjoying this time alone like a fresh couple. Yeah I’ll be checking my phone all the time to see the latest updates, yeah I will feel nostalgic every time I load the washing machine because I’ll remember that only Sasha used to press ‘Play’, but I also know I will take advantage and sleep late, work out, and enjoy a silent house.

Last night we were making dinner at 7 pm, and all of a sudden it hit us. My husband goes “Do you realise we can actually play a movie now? And see it until the end?”, and in that moment I felt my eyes light up as if he just proposed to go to Bali for a month. We enjoyed a chill evening at home over Friends, went to bed early, and then hit the gym in the morning.

God, being young and free feels so damn good. Brb, going to put some trucks back, fold some baby clothes and smell them. Just kidding, I won’t smell them. Actually, I will.

P.S. I don’t know why but I’m always using kids whenever I talk about Sasha, as if I had more than one. Somehow I fell it sounds better, you know? ‘Life with kids’, ‘Leaving the kids alone’, ‘Vacationing without kids’… I think I should just have another one so that I can actually use this phrase whenever I want to.

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