Realmomster Spotted: Actress & Mom of Two Greta Lee on Motherhood

“Vomited and went into labour directly after this”.

Yep, Korean beauty and mother to Apollo ,3, and Raphael, 2 months, Greta Lee is extremely funny and real, and that’s why everybody loves her.

“Being a modern mom is confusing as fuck. In some ways, we are better equipped than our mothers. We have more in our tool belts, but it’s a trick. I’m expected to do what my dad was doing and what my mom was doing, but I’m not sure who is making me do that except me. So, of course I feel like I’m doing a mediocre job at everything. Having a half Asian kid in Brooklyn in 2019, my concern is how am I going to raise this child to be a well rounded grown-up who doesn’t think 2 +2 = compassion? I have questions about what cultural barriers I will have to bridge. What was I thinking about when I was two years old was not Sun Ra the jazz musician. I didn’t listen to Prince until I was in college. I didn’t know what the Beatles were until I was much older. My parents didn’t care about music, they just wanted me to do my homework.”

Interview for i See

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